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Seinen Manga Page 9


#2121 Swing-Style

Borderline story with walls of...
Taiyou no Ijiwaru

#1449 Taiyou no Ijiwaru

A Strange Gene is about Ayano Yoshimusa; a superb worker, efficient, accurate, and cold. Saegusa, her colleague, is her opposite: messy, chaotic and warm. He admires his boss, whenever he talks to her he realises what a perfect creature she is… But as always, not everything is what it seems. When a sixteen years old appears and tells him she lives with Ayano, Saegusa seems to perceive that something might be hidden under the perfect appearance of this beautiful...

#1069 Tajikarao

Yamagami is a small hamlet in Kyuushuu, the mountainous region in the south of Japan. Today, this village is inhabited only by old people still living in the rhythm of tradition and communion with nature. The return of one of the village youths, pursued by yakuza, will overturn life in this little world, spared until now from modernization. These sinister gangsters intend to seize this enchanted spot and trash it. Will Yamagami come to experience the harshness of the modern...
Takemitsu Zamurai

#2151 Takemitsu Zamurai

Months pass, and all appears to be well. But trouble will not leave the Katagi tenements alone...
Takidani Koukou Manga Club

#388 Takidani Koukou Manga Club

Masaki Masamichi has his heart set on joining the legendary manga club of Takidani High School. After all of his effort to get into Takidani High School and prepare for his club entrance, he finds out that a horrible change has happened to the club of which he dreamed. How will he cope with the disappointment of learning that his long-awaited club life consists of drawing...
Tales of Mimia Hime

#1544 Tales of Mimia Hime

Set in a distant future wherein Earth is no longer inhabited by men but human-like creatures with wings, Princess Mimia tells the story of a little girl who was born without wings and who can’t use magic like everyone else. Mimia, the last princess of the winged people’s kingdom, thinks of herself as a freak of nature. Her folk, however, believe that she’s a Child of the Gods because her appearance resembles that of the Gods who once created them. As a Child of the Gods, it is...
Tales of Xillia 2

#319 Tales of Xillia 2

Based on the role-playing game of the same name by Bandai Namco...