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Seinen Manga Page 8

Sun Ken Rock Gaiden - Yumin

#2749 Sun Ken Rock Gaiden - Yumin

Our favorite sexy cop Yumin face the danger of drugs. Follow her infiltration and enjoy the...

#1948 Sundome

Sundome is the story of an apathetic young man whose dull existence is forever changed when an assertive young woman wants to join the same after-school club in which he is a member. If only all after-school clubs were as hands on as...
Sun-Ken Rock Gaiden - Pickaxe

#850 Sun-Ken Rock Gaiden - Pickaxe

Author/Artist(s): Boichi
After Pickaxe moved out for Seoul he find a strange suit that allow him to become a the Dango Knight. He'll come to face the hyper dangerous evil organisation Dark Roach and its sexy...

#295 Sunny

The story of an orphanage, the children who live in it, and the beat-up old Nissan Sunny 1200 which provides them with a means of escape from their boring everyday...
Super Oresama Love Story

#615 Super Oresama Love Story

One night, Tenka goes out walking alone and is very nearly mugged. Luckily, a girl shows up and rescues him, and Tenka falls in love with her at first sight. It turns out that she's a student at his little sister Yuika's high school, so Tenka enrolls immediately. Unfortunately, his crush, Himuro Sai, thinks he's a creepy, perverted stalker, and he's too flustered around her to explain himself! He'll have to get over his shyness if he wants to have a chance to win Sai's...
Superior Day

#1411 Superior Day

Alternative: 우월한하루,
Author/Artist(s): Team Getname
But more importantly - what would you do if some unknown third person was trying to make you kill...

#948 Surado

Alternative: 수라도,
Author/Artist(s): Kim Jeong uk, Choe Bo ha
Suugaku Girl

#455 Suugaku Girl

In the first volume (series), we talk about Fibonacci Numbers, Harmonic Numbers, Finite and Infinite Sums, Factorization, The Bazel Problem, Partitions of the Integer, and Generating...
Suzu Rogu

#761 Suzu Rogu

Author/Artist(s): FLIPFLOPs
Suzuro is a 14-year-old freelance diver of incredible skill, but only a C-rank due to age restrictions. She works in a salvage ship with her pilot Ginga, who keeps the ship out of flying debris while she's connected to earth, and her assistant Shimugi. It's not only space debris colliding with the ship that could kill Suzuro while diving, there are also dangers waiting on earth that could kill her, just by interacting with her avatar. Suzuro must be certain that the cases she takes are worth...