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Seinen Manga Page 7

Stopper Busujima

#944 Stopper Busujima

Alternative: ストッパー毒島,
Author/Artist(s): Harold Sakuishi
A gripping, edge-of-your-seat story loaded with Sakuishi's brand of wacky...
Straight no Chaser

#325 Straight no Chaser

Shuuhei is an endlessly enthusiastic pizza deliveryman with almost no ambitions or skills, and he's determined to date Hitomi, a high school girl who made the mistake of kissing him once. When he asks her what she likes in a man, one of the things she mentions was the ability to play a musical instrument. In response, he decides to learn to play the trumpet. But learning about the trumpet and jazz music is going to change his life in more ways than he...
Strange Mansion

#3684 Strange Mansion

She's flabbergasted to find a woman answering Shirahai's door, and then blown away to find out the woman is Shirahai! He's had a sex...
Sugar Dark

#1744 Sugar Dark

Dark fantasy story follows a boy named Muoru who has been falsely arrested and sent to a cemetery to perform forced labor. There, he calls himself the "grave keeper" and meets a beautiful girl named Meria. Muoru becomes fascinated with Meria as he spends his days digging a hole containing the undead monster named "The...
Sukima Suki

#851 Sukima Suki

Author/Artist(s): Unita Yumi
Through his hobby, which is exploring (peeping?) through the spaces in-between, Heisaku-kun ends up falling in love with his neighbor, Fumio-chan. However, it turns out that Fumio-chan has also been spying on Heisaku-kun all this time. Will this uncontrollable pair`s hidden love ever be...
Summer Wars

#880 Summer Wars

Summer Wars is about a timid eleventh-grade math genius who has been falsely implicated in the hacking of a virtual world and, with the aid of a classmate's extensive family, must prevent the real and computer-simulated worlds from...