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Psychological Manga Page 4

The Nightmare of Fabrication

#416 The Nightmare of Fabrication

The Nightmare of Fabrication is a beautifully drawn full-colour manga from Yoshitoshi ABe. The 18 page short story can be found in...
The Three Times

#753 The Three Times

The second part of the webtoon focuses on Jun Ho and the Korean society, an example being the flaws of Korean education system. Currently, the webtoon now focuses on the global...

#1261 Tista

Alternative: ティスタ,
Author/Artist(s): Endou Tatsuya
The series is set in New York City, and the main character is a young girl named Tista. In the day, she is a shy, introvert, church-going student whose ambition in life is to become a teacher. At night, she assassinates criminals as her alter-ego, Sister Militia. A special feature of her eyes give her the ability to spot a target from miles away, be it moving or stationary. Once she's spotted her target, it's one-shot one-kill. Why is Tista killing for the church? What happened to her father?...
Tobaku Haouden Rei

#2098 Tobaku Haouden Rei

Ukai Rei saves three troubled teens from a Suicide Website, and together they choose to work as modern-day 'Robin Hoods' of society. However, Rei's friends are caught by an underworld gang whose heist the group had foiled. In order to rescue them, Rei is forced to enter a gambling competition hosted by a rich, rotten old man who is looking for a talented gambler to be his rep player in an upcoming gambling tournament for millionaires from all over the world. The reward money? ONE TRILLION...
Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji

#994 Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji

Kaiji's unrelenting misery continues for two years until he is paid an unexpected visit from a man named Endo, who wants to collect an outstanding debt owed to him in Kaiji's name. Endo gives Kaiji two options - either spend ten years to repay this outstanding debt, or board the gambling ship Espoir ("hope" in French) for one night to clear the debt. Using a con, Endo pressures Kaiji into accepting the deal, believing he will never come back from the...
Torikago Gakkyu

#1057 Torikago Gakkyu

Soon after, our bewildered protagonist is summoned by one of his teachers, who claims that Mikage has the power to influence a 'parallel universe' - and that his interactions with his classmates will decide the fates of the inhabitants of that universe. Though initially fascinated, he soon finds out that these 'powers' do not bode well for his new school...
Toumeiningen no Shissou

#490 Toumeiningen no Shissou

Story 1, Forest of the Ice Needles: a middle school student just wants a normal life, but his cultish mother is determined to raise him as she sees fit. Throw in a mysterious boy and some soccer, and you have this enigmatic...
TV Eye

#253 TV Eye

Alternative: T.V. Eye,
Author/Artist(s): KUSUMOTO Maki
Three short stories. A refrigerator, a camera, and a pair of twins... What do they all have in common? A little darkness and obscurity never hurt...
Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Ep 3 :Banquet of the Golden Witch

#265 Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Ep 3 :Banquet of the Golden Witch

As the events on Rokkenjima are begin again, Eva Ushiromiya succeeds in solving the Epitaph of the Golden Witch in order to become the head of the Ushiromiya family and inherit the family's massive fortune. However, a phantom of Eva's dark side emerges and uncontrollably begins to wreck havoc on the island as Beatrice's...