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One shot Manga

Seishun Limited

#2234 Seishun Limited

Alternative: 青春リミテッド,
Author/Artist(s): Kana
What happens when your childhood friend becomes your...
Semi-Eternal Happy End

#2200 Semi-Eternal Happy End

-Chinese proverb from 3rd century...
Senaka no Otoko (SEKI Natsumi)

#1223 Senaka no Otoko (SEKI Natsumi)

Sitting behind him in class, she only see his back. But who is really behind the well back and upright which continues to hide from her the...
Sengoku Armors

#1590 Sengoku Armors

The year is 1590, during the turbulent Sengoku era of Japan. A girl who calls herself Izumi, the sole survivor of the destruction of her village, has come into possession of a set of very powerful keys. These keys can give their wielder access to powerful weapons that could change the course of the era. In her flight from those who want to kill her and take them, she has washed up in a buddhist monastery, where she has met the monk Tenkai. Tenkai, who takes an interest in her troubles, may be...
Senpai no Pocket

#703 Senpai no Pocket

When boys put their hands in their pockets, it means they're hiding their feelings!" Chiharu has a boyfriend that is very, VERY quiet. At first, she didn't mind at all that he rarely spoke because she believed that she was fine as long as their feelings could be conveyed. Soon, though, she comes to realize certain things that makes her feel extremely anxious towards him... Why does he always keep his hands in his...
Sentimental Honey

#946 Sentimental Honey

Alternative: 多愁善感的甜心,
Author/Artist(s): AIKAWA Saki
A cute short story about a girl who's a tomboy, but whenever she's around him, she seems to turn...
Servant's Master

#2535 Servant's Master

Fujisaki is madly in love with his boss, Minemura. But Minemura is starting to get bored with their sex life and suggests seeing other people. Can Fujisaki convince him it's better when there's...
Seto no Omise no Okyakusama

#762 Seto no Omise no Okyakusama

Alternative: Seto's Customers,
Author/Artist(s): MITA Homuro
A bittersweet oneshot consisting of fairies and...
Shigatsu no Hina

#593 Shigatsu no Hina

Author/Artist(s): TOUDA Yoshimi
The guy who's always been by my side... the distance between us...

#1622 Shinobigoto

High school student, Chiya, encounters a tragic ghost in a...