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One shot Manga Page 9

Trigun: Rising

#306 Trigun: Rising

Alternative: Trigun Rising,
Author/Artist(s): Takeyama Yuusuke
Genres: One shot
The story focuses on Rai The Blade, one of the Gung-Ho Guns, who is living in a small Plant...
Try Me Boy!

#386 Try Me Boy!

Tsubame-chan Chi no Kateinai Renai

#1040 Tsubame-chan Chi no Kateinai Renai

"The only person who I can give happiness to... The only person who I like...
Tsuki no Yoru

#293 Tsuki no Yoru

To get anything other than the pretty pictures out of this short story, one should have read Natsume Souseki's...

#421 Tsukimono!

When elementary schooler Watanabe is cleaning out his late mother's belongings, he finds a skirt that talks and moves on its own. The skirt, which the mother never wore, wants him to wear it, soon followed by other articles of clothing that can also...

#1205 Tsutsu-Izutsu

Alternative: 筒井筒,
Author/Artist(s): Samura Hiroaki
Itagua and Kagua are two aliens whose spaceship broke down while they were visiting Earth, leaving them stranded and hiding in a dried water well. Due to the distance to their planet, they took 13 years to ask for help. And now...
Tutor Maid

#299 Tutor Maid

Author/Artist(s): AMETO Yuki
Yuuki Narusawa, a college student looking for a tutoring job runs into Ryou Misaki, who is in search of a tutor who looks good in a maid...
Uchi no Hide

#561 Uchi no Hide

Alternative: うちのヒデ,
Author/Artist(s): Unknown
Uchuu no Sparrow

#391 Uchuu no Sparrow

Like a typical teenager, there is nothing Tsubaki Ryuuta wants more than to not stand out from the people around him. Unfortunately, on his way to school one day, he is run over by an alien. The alien promptly resurrects him, but now he has superpowers that he can't control. The alien, now in sparrow form, attempts to help guide him, but there's no way for a kid who's constantly breaking things and has an alien sparrow perched on his shoulder to blend in at school. For his part, the alien is...
Un Chocoholic

#326 Un Chocoholic

Author/Artist(s): YAGAMI Rina
I thought we weren't living in the same world but then I had to play the perfect girlfriend for that popular boy?! No wait! Don't be that kind with...