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One shot Manga Page 8

Tokyo Photograph

#208 Tokyo Photograph

Alternative: 東京フォトグラフ,
Author/Artist(s): Momiji Nozomi
Genres: One shot, Shoujo
A girl from Osaka, Chisato, makes a trip to Tokyo to where he brother lives to look around the city--for Tokyo men just like in the dramas. But at her brother's home...
Tonari no Danshi

#173 Tonari no Danshi

Satoshi and Satomi are childhood friends who have been trying to outdo each other in everything since they were small. Christmas is coming, and they’ve started a new challenge to see who can get a date for Christmas first! It seems that Satoshi might win the bet, with Natsuki-chan, the Sexy Dynamite of the class making the move and asking him to be her date, but will things be that simple for our plain-looking...
Tonari no Inuyama-kun

#693 Tonari no Inuyama-kun

Kokoro was involved in a traffic accident when she was small, and there was a hero who risked his life to save her. She can’t remember anything about him, except for his back, which was scarred from saving her. Now a high school student, she still can’t forget the guy from her memories. Suddenly, she was assigned to take care of the new transfer student, Inuyama Kei, who’s always quiet and somewhat of a weirdo. He reminds her of her childhood hero, but she wishes her hero was...

#207 Toro

Alternative: Confession,
Author/Artist(s): Saitou Ken
Toubou Waltz

#413 Toubou Waltz

Alternative: Runaway Waltz,
Author/Artist(s): Hachiya Momo
A story about two (maybe) star-crossed lovers, some passionate secret code words, police chases, a missing gem, and endless food...

#1484 Toujuushi

70 A.D. The Roman army has conquered almost all of the human civilization, now they move towards non-humans orcs and wyverns. Durandal, last of wyverns has trained son of the man who it killed. Fin, orpahan and a slave, who wishes to see the outside...
Toumei na Sekai

#899 Toumei na Sekai

Michiru's in love with Makoto, a boy with a weak heart who is rarely able to come to school, so when she comes back from summer break to be told that he had died over the break, she is shocked. She's in for an even bigger shock when she realizes she can see his ghost, and she's the only one who can. What's going...

#180 Toutetsu

Author/Artist(s): Yusuke Takeda, Boichi
Genres: Action, One shot
Set in a fantasy world based on ancient China, the story is about Fuuren, an armless Defender. Defenders are people who will complete their mission or assignments no matter what. If they accept them, that is. Fuuren has been called to a small town that is about to be taken over by the Ka empire, and they wish to hire him to help their armies defend their little town. However there is a little bit of intrigue within the town itself, and Fuuren accepts a different task...
Triangle (OOKA Saori)

#379 Triangle (OOKA Saori)

Alternative: トライアングル,
Author/Artist(s): Oooka Saori
Noa doesn't have a father. She lives together with a working mother. That's why she always hoped for a sibling. One day her mother brings Mizuki and Akari to live with them. Noa is extremely happy with that, but why does Mizuki always show an unhappy face? Will Noa's dream for a sibling come...