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One shot Manga Page 5

Survival of the Dead

#347 Survival of the Dead

Author/Artist(s): KIGITSU Katsuhisa
A oneshot intended to serve as promotion for George A. Romero's film of the same...
Sweet Temptation

#492 Sweet Temptation

Alternative: Sweet Desire,
Author/Artist(s): Takemiya Jin
Risa finds herself intrigued by a girl whose family runs a...
System of Romance

#1160 System of Romance

A girl has sex with a man she met on a chatline. She later learns a dark secret about the man, only to meet him again under less-than-favorable...
Takidani Koukou Manga Club

#388 Takidani Koukou Manga Club

Masaki Masamichi has his heart set on joining the legendary manga club of Takidani High School. After all of his effort to get into Takidani High School and prepare for his club entrance, he finds out that a horrible change has happened to the club of which he dreamed. How will he cope with the disappointment of learning that his long-awaited club life consists of drawing...
Tasogare Schrodinger

#452 Tasogare Schrodinger

Two childhood friends Beckman Jouji and Kuranosuke reunite after not having seen each other for a while. Kuranosuke has the power to fly, but only when his best friend is by his side. Unfortunately, Miss Schrodinger has other plans for these two friends... A one-shot that shows the bond between two best...
Tenkou Zenya

#987 Tenkou Zenya

Author/Artist(s): Niijima Yuuko
Aki has to move away, but before she does, she wants to go on a date with Shinozaki. Can love still continue even at a...
Test Flight Girls

#229 Test Flight Girls

Author/Artist(s): Kazuto Izumi
Two girls play a video game on gliders in a virtual...
The Bedroom Girl, The Sculpture Room Girl

#307 The Bedroom Girl, The Sculpture Room Girl

A story about a girl in her death bed finding another chance in life in the body of a doll. But is the girl in the bedroom the same as the girl in the sculpture room? Can the doll master make her dreams come...
The Black Cat

#798 The Black Cat

Alternative: Kuro Neko,
Author/Artist(s): Ito Yukari
The story is based on the classic work of the same name by Edgar Allen Poe. This is an original rendition of the traditional story. It is NOT for the faint of...