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Sore wa, Nigai, Chocolate.

#1212 Sore wa, Nigai, Chocolate.

Yuri hates to be alone, so she'll spend time with any guy who comes along. Chiyo Kyosuke, a teacher at her school, finds this behavior repulsive, but Yuri seems to have fallen in love with him all the...
Spicy Fever

#415 Spicy Fever

Author/Artist(s): Komai Chima
Mako has found a new part-time job as a live-in maid. When she arrives at the wealthy house, she is confronted by the son of the family, Tamaki. A playboy by nature, Tamaki persistently teases Mako … to her breaking point. But is the teasing something...
Spicy Recipe

#655 Spicy Recipe

Alternative: Supaishi Reshipi,
Author/Artist(s): AMANO Maron
Tsubaki Beniko, 16 years old. After being rescued by the handsome prince of the school Kendo Club, Shirotae Shiki-kun, she fell in love with him! But even after becoming a couple, Beniko sees him always distant, and she wants him to be more like a boyfriend should be! But once Beniko's childhood friend, Kurosu Yui-kun, comes back, maybe that'll be the time for Shiki to show his real feelings for...
Straight no Chaser

#325 Straight no Chaser

Shuuhei is an endlessly enthusiastic pizza deliveryman with almost no ambitions or skills, and he's determined to date Hitomi, a high school girl who made the mistake of kissing him once. When he asks her what she likes in a man, one of the things she mentions was the ability to play a musical instrument. In response, he decides to learn to play the trumpet. But learning about the trumpet and jazz music is going to change his life in more ways than he...
Suits no Kuni

#556 Suits no Kuni

Miyaji Rintaro is a normal salary man who visits the foreign country of Gladimar to seal a business contract to export a rare plant called Kapalu. Even with the contract signed and sealed, everything isn’t as it seems as Rintaro finds a beautiful chained girl who suddenly attacks him. Is there something more to this country and the Kapalu plant than meets the...
Summer Delights

#664 Summer Delights

Author/Artist(s): Tanaka Minoru
Summer Saver

#708 Summer Saver

Alternative: 夏セーバー,
Author/Artist(s): Tomose Shunsaku
It's 4 page long,...
Sunset and Curry

#297 Sunset and Curry

Have you ever heard of a crow that could speak it's mind and a...
Sunshine After

#345 Sunshine After

Author/Artist(s): Kuriyama Rin
Super Express Hiyokko

#819 Super Express Hiyokko

Sakura is a child who appears simple, but has a crush on her friend's big brother. A tragedy suddenly occurs, drastically changing her life, but to a good turn! A magical item appears to give our heroine the chance of her lifetime by turning her into an adult. But alas, how long can her fantasy last and how will it proceed on from...