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Sleeping Prince

#1548 Sleeping Prince

Four years ago, Prince Lulnavul fell into an eternal sleep due to an unknown curse. The king then made a proclamation: whoever wakes the prince will receive any reward they choose...but up until now, not one has achieved it. Now, Witch Sayla, scorned by the outside for being a witch, attempts this task as the 99th contender, not for the sake of the prince's hand in marriage like the princesses before her, but solely for the king's national treasure, the Sapphire of Illusions. Can a witch, who...
Slice of Black Chocolate

#384 Slice of Black Chocolate

Author/Artist(s): Mihara Mitsukazu
Generally... a story about really cute guy trying to hook up with this really egotistic girl... although it's not really like...
Snow Black Christmas

#712 Snow Black Christmas

Author/Artist(s): Kanesada Yukio
It’s Christmas Eve and Fuuka is preparing to meet with her boyfriend. They’ve been dating for 3 months and she’s still not sure she’s suppose to spend the night with him, but in the end she gave in to his pressure. Her...
Sokubaku Master

#444 Sokubaku Master

Chihiro is the daughter of the Hoshikawa family, a prestigious family with many great magicians, but she herself can't use magic at all! Upon enrolling in Nanahoshi academy, she was chosen to be the pupil of Subaru, the genius guy who's also the student council president. Will Chihiro be able to pass the test and be officially approved as a worthy pupil of her...
Soleil (ICHINOSE Kaoru)

#805 Soleil (ICHINOSE Kaoru)

Alternative: ソレイユ,
Author/Artist(s): Ichinose Kaoru
Misia, a young lady from an impoverished aristocratic family that has been in debt for generations, plans to sell herself to the highest bidder for one hundred million livres. However, with her aristocratic pride and a rather handsome butler, will she be able to go through with her...
Sonezaki Shinjuu

#900 Sonezaki Shinjuu

Hatsu's father sold her to a brothel when she was young. Her childhood friend Toku tries to earn the money to buy her out of there to marry her. However, many obstacles stand in their...
Sono Te kara Tsutawaru

#491 Sono Te kara Tsutawaru

Alternative: I Can Tell by Your Hand,
Author/Artist(s): Kyuugou
A short sweet...
Sono Te wa Atatakai

#695 Sono Te wa Atatakai

Todo is a very skilled locksmith. One day, after a job, a car almost hits him. In the car is a box… and in that box is a young...