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One shot Manga Page 2

Shiro Ame

#596 Shiro Ame

A girl wakes up in an unknown world all alone. In this world she sees another girl who is her exact twin. Their names: 328 and 329. There is only running water; no food anywhere. In their search for food, they find a raft to take them beyond this unknown place, but it becomes evident that only one person will be able to board this raft. The annoying buzzing sounds and voices of a winged insect, the craving for food, and the desire to leave will push them to the brink. One of them will...
Shiro no Keiyaku

#984 Shiro no Keiyaku

Shiro is a white crow. Because of his unusual color, he’s often bullied by the other black crows. One day, he’s hurt badly because the others ganged up on him, and he was saved by a girl. Moved by the girl’s gentle heart, Shiro asked a devil to let him turn into a human. However, there’s one condition: Shiro will have to do at least one bad deed a day, otherwise, his body will crumble. Can Shiro really fulfill this...
Shiroi Heya no Futari

#1210 Shiroi Heya no Futari

One of the older yuri manga out there. Resine comes to a new boarding school to find she is rooming with Simone, a rebel who is rude to her from the start. However, Resine and Simone end up falling in...
Shiroi Natsu

#1436 Shiroi Natsu

Follow the friendship of Tetsu and Gorou from the Koushien to...
Shitateya Shinikami

#378 Shitateya Shinikami

Alternative: 仕立て屋シニカミ,
Author/Artist(s): Shin Yui
Chouko has always wanted her father to show her some affection instead of always being engrossed in his beloved books. But her wish didn’t come true even after her father died. Or did it? She suddenly receives a note from a certain shop saying that the dress cloth her father commissioned to be made for her is already finished. What cloth? Her father didn’t care for her, right? And is the shop really just an ordinary...
Shoujo Shuutome no Yuuutsu

#538 Shoujo Shuutome no Yuuutsu

A perfectionist girl and a slob of a boy! What could possibly go...
Shugaku Ryoko - Naisho no Koi

#578 Shugaku Ryoko - Naisho no Koi

Author/Artist(s): KUMAGAI Kyoko
Megumi finds it discomforting being around boys yet on their class trip, she's assigned to sit next to Taketo-kun. After a small incident, they become friends, will romance bloom...
Shuko's Snack

#684 Shuko's Snack

Alternative: 修子的点心,
Author/Artist(s): YOMOTO Shimako
Kenji Yashima has been receiving hand-made snacks from his neighbour, Shuko Kojima, who moved in when he was seven. Shuko was good at everything, and what he doesn't understand is why she would bother with a guy like...
Since You're Selfish

#1375 Since You're Selfish

Tachibana doesn't have it easy. His lover, Sawada, just doesn't care who sees them kissing! Tachibana doesn't want people judging them, while Sawada just wants to show his love when he feels it. Will everyone find out what kind of love they...
Skirt (Wadapen)

#333 Skirt (Wadapen)

Alternative: スカート,
Author/Artist(s): Wadapen
Genres: One shot
A girl gets a guy to wear her school...