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One shot Manga Page 15

Adolte and Adarte

#1347 Adolte and Adarte

A full-color oneshot about two twins: one lives alone locked away in a tower and the other is a crown prince. What if they could trade...
Alice in Underground

#218 Alice in Underground

Author/Artist(s): Mihara Mitsukazu
This short oneshot tells the adventures of Alice, but with a slightly darker...
Angel's Share

#434 Angel's Share

A simple, but touching story about the afterlife. Before heading to the path of heaven or hell, a human soul enters an afterworld bar that is situated between the split paths. Follow what happens to him as he steps inside the...
Dr. Psyche

#304 Dr. Psyche

Author/Artist(s): Chihiro
But this mysterious doctor is perverted and even had a criminal record. Can she really trust...
Distance Between You and Me

#217 Distance Between You and Me

I love you- I wonder if you like me back? And if you don't, well, I will slowly work to forget...
Nihon no Kyoudai

#290 Nihon no Kyoudai

Collection of miscellaneous short...
Kimi wo Omofu

#273 Kimi wo Omofu

A cute, short oneshot about a man and a...

#43 Fragment

However, a demon’s been eating souls lately… and Kanna’s the next...
Lonesome Eden

#505 Lonesome Eden

In the second story, an angel is kicked down (literally) to Earth to experience some hardship as said angel has a problem with granting people's wishes and...
Nemunoki no Geshukusou

#208 Nemunoki no Geshukusou

Chidori absolutely hates men. For her entire life, she's been forced to put up with a bunch of irresponsible, useless slackers, and she's sick of it. Can one innocent little lie change how she feels about...