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Until You Fall Asleep

#328 Until You Fall Asleep

Author/Artist(s): Ii Hyun Yoon
Irene is very happy when she finds out that her mother is getting remarried and will have an older sister to play with. Laura, on the other hand, is not so happy to see her father getting remarried after so little time since her mother’s death. While the girls start to settle their differences and become more friendly towards each other a dark secret starts to reveal...
Urooboe Uroboros!

#1000 Urooboe Uroboros!

What's a guy to do when a militant girl demands he date her little sister? Crazy right? Well, it's exactly what happens to transfer student Kakizaki Kokera. The Harimoto Sisters have a strange love-hate relationship he just can't help but get dragged into. And what's more, there's a strange town legend about a middle schooler who cleaned up the town with overwhelming violence five years ago called Urooboe Uroboros (Half-Remembered...
Usotsuki na Cinderella

#482 Usotsuki na Cinderella

When the wealthy Alfred Wingate dies, his personal assistant, Cynthia, is utterly confused. He has left her his mansion in his will! Cynthia thought she was in love with Alfred's grandson Graham. But when she finds out he is cheating, she breaks off the engagement. But the terms of the will won't allow her to refuse the inheritance, and she's stuck with the mansion. On top of all this, Graham's brother, Rick, treats her with contempt, believing she tricked his wealthy...
Vampire Rose

#700 Vampire Rose

"Supernatural things don't exist in this world!" Kaho Mira absolutely hates all things supernatural, so why does Hikaru-sempai keep persuing her to join the Supernatural Research Club?! But one day, Mira barely escaped the clutches of the White Rose Academy vampire, Rose. Now, she had no choice but to join the Supernatural Research Club with Hikaru-sempai for help! And they unravel much more about Rose they never knew...
Velvet Going Underground

#313 Velvet Going Underground

Author/Artist(s): NAKAMURA Asumiko
A doll becomes a super idol. Hijinks...

#355 Violin

Author/Artist(s): Rightandleft
Wakusei Honey

#380 Wakusei Honey

Alternative: Planet Honey, 惑星 Honey,
Author/Artist(s): Sakai Mayu
Nagahara Kisara can read thoughts. Miura-kun is a popular guy, apparently normal, but with unknown feelings for all... Do Kisara...

#648 Wasureyuki

Tomo has always been stuck with the dependent Miyako ever since she was born. For half of his life, he had been forced to look out for her due to her clumsiness and unreliability. Simply put, he 'hates' her. But there is something that completely prevents him from telling her his real feelings. When she is about to move to the United States, will he be able to love and let go, all before it's too late? A lovely, touching story about a boy and the one most important to...