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Mystery Manga Page 6

Tokarev no Ayaui Shiro

#328 Tokarev no Ayaui Shiro

Ayaka has a dear friend named Hiroko. Hiroko suddenly vanishes from Ayaka’s life, saying that she must save someone important to her. Since that time, Ayaka hasn’t heard anything from Hiroko, until a girl’s corpse is washed up on shore, and she’s holding a letter from Hiroko which reads: “Come save me.” Ayaka sets off to save her best friend, and ends up in a mysterious school where everything seems too good to be true. Is...
Torikago Gakkyu

#1057 Torikago Gakkyu

Soon after, our bewildered protagonist is summoned by one of his teachers, who claims that Mikage has the power to influence a 'parallel universe' - and that his interactions with his classmates will decide the fates of the inhabitants of that universe. Though initially fascinated, he soon finds out that these 'powers' do not bode well for his new school...
Tousei Gensou Hakubutsushi

#921 Tousei Gensou Hakubutsushi

It’s the early days of the Showa Era. In a really ordinary looking and peaceful city, no one notices the strange things that are happening. Shinobu, a university student who manages his father’s second hand shop, comes face to face with one mystery after another. At some point, these events lead to a...

#374 Toxic

Alternative: Toxic (TAKAHASHI Ryo),
Author/Artist(s): TAKAHASHI Ryo
The Black Rose is the personal protection guard unit of the Führer. Luka Ogami, the top graduate of the academy of unified army officers, joins the Black Rose…. to save the...
Tsukiyo Zoushi

#730 Tsukiyo Zoushi

Tsukiko has always had in innate ability to see spirits and monsters. When she gets a call from a young girl in a rural village, asking for her help, she finds out that the village is full of secrets, and that she may be a secret...
Tsukuyomi - Moon Phase

#1908 Tsukuyomi - Moon Phase

The mystery he wants to solve more than anything is his mother's tragic disappearance. But it isn't easy... especially in this world, where nothing is as it seems. Cats talk, blood-sucking vampires roam the earth, and monsters eat guys like Kouhei for breakfast. Can Kouhei survive this chaos long enough to find the mother that he's...
Tsuugaku Densha - Kimi to Boku no Heya

#663 Tsuugaku Densha - Kimi to Boku no Heya

Morishita Haruna is a high schooler who has a crush on a guy, called "Haru" (by his friends), whom she always see at the train she rides on. One day, waking up, Haruna was shocked seeing "Haru" sleeping in her bed! Neither one of them knows why is "Haru" there. After introducing to each other, Haruna knew that "Haru" is actually his surname and his full name is Harukawa Kanata. Kanata was just about to leave but an invisible wall on the door prevents him from getting out of Haruna's room. Him...
Ugetsu Monogatari

#588 Ugetsu Monogatari

“Tales of Moonlight and Rain” is a collection of classical Japanese horror/suspense stories. The stories are simple, but abundant with traditional fictional Japanese characters, such as the half-man half-bird Tengu, white serpents, fantastic carps, goblins and restless ghosts, driven by love or...