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Mystery Manga Page 15

Count Cain - GodChild

#177 Count Cain - GodChild

Darker than Black

#237 Darker than Black

A young girl's nightmare becomes the search for the truth, a search that leads her to the secret and extremely dangerous world of Contractors and the Hells Gate. Hei and Mao try to protect Kana from the Contractors who are trying to silence her forever, while Kana clings to the hope of finding her father and piecing her life together...
Replicant no Kiss

#121 Replicant no Kiss

Author/Artist(s): Fujii Sakuya
Yokami Futsu, or Fu-chan as he is commonly known, was brought up by his grandfather after his father died. But now his grandfather had also died – leaving behind a large amount of debt. At the funeral, his grandfather’s cousin (who looks uncannily like grandpa himself!) suddenly appears and declares that he wants to take care of him. Together, they start living in a dilapidated, run down house and Fu-chan is forbidden from entering some of the other parts of the house. One night, he...
Fairy Cube

#3552 Fairy Cube

Ashina Tomo is your average school girl who somehow constantly has terrible images of a train accident. One day, on her crush’s birthday, her best friend brings her to an isolated print club machine which is rumored to allow prayers to come true. What would happen when your prayers come true, but not the way you want them to be? By a cursed print club machine...

#1011 Fate

Shin-Young abruptly wakes up from a nightmare just to find a man, named Ji-Hoo, sleeping in the same bed. If that wasn't bizzare enough, the two of them find out that they were engaged ever since birth. Was it a mere coincidence or was it a work of fate that has not yet...
Forget Me Not

#1276 Forget Me Not

Mariel Imari is a private eye trying to become a first-rate detective to be able inherit her late father's estate. For some strange reason, the mysterious thief Vecchio is taking an interest in her. As if that wasn't enough, her old friends at Interpol and her siblings make life more troubling for...

#1330 Laon

Nante Zurui Otoko

#928 Nante Zurui Otoko

A girl bumps into a classmate and finds out his secret... He's a shoujo...