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Mecha Manga

12 Beast

#2473 12 Beast

From the creator of Monster Musume comes a New Age Cup one-shot entry, 12 Beast! Join Eita on an epic mini-adventure to save the Lizard Tribe from... whatever the hell that thing...
Akki Goyou Garan

#1423 Akki Goyou Garan

Author/Artist(s): Yamaguchi Takayuki
Genres: Mecha
The story of Garan, a travelling executioner who roams the land, killing bad...
Kenzen Robo Daimidaier

#891 Kenzen Robo Daimidaier

A high school boy named Kōichi Madanbashi who has Hi-ERo particles, the power source to operate the robotic weapon Daimidaler. With the help of Kyōko Sonan from the mysterious Prince Beauty Parlor organization, he stands up against the Penguin Empire that troubles...
Aquarion Evol

#637 Aquarion Evol

Based on the anime that aired from January to June...
Beast 9

#3227 Beast 9

Eraser, the mysterious enemy that invaded Earth 13 years ago!! Before their overwhelming power, the entire Earth neared the verge of collapse. But at the last moment there suddenly appeared Earth's lone savior, The Beast: an ultimate weapon uniquely equipped to counter the Eraser's power!! The Beast is part of the MAGIC Brigade, whose commander-in-chief is also the founder of our Le Prince Academy... Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Mr....

#1727 Bokurano

Brain Powerd

#394 Brain Powerd

The discovery of an alien organic vessel submerged in the ocean reveals a plot to unleash planetary destruction... a collective of evil scientists called the Reclaimers works to hasten mankind's extinction. As one of Earth's defenders, Hime Utsumiya fights on a team of mecha called Brain Powereds to combat them. Unfortunately, the Reclaimers also have these mecha, and mankind's fate hangs in the...