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Mecha Manga

Aldnoah.Zero Anthology 2

#1 Aldnoah.Zero Anthology 2

Author/Artist(s): Various
Five Star Monogatari

#1 Five Star Monogatari

There is an English version of the manga available, published by Toyspress, a company co-founded by the author. Each volume of the English version contained approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of the equivalent Japanese volumes. To date, 26 volumes of the English version have been produced, covering Japanese Vol 1 through 10. Vol 11 and 12 have yet to be translated and the status of future English versions is...
Gundam Seed Astray - Tenkuu no Seijo

#1 Gundam Seed Astray - Tenkuu no Seijo

The Cosmic Era. Coordinators, born through genetic modification and Naturals, who are born naturally. Both experienced two great wars. People devoted themselves to fighting for things they believed in and things they should protect. Fighting gives birth to hatred and hatred in turn gives birth to sorrow. The battlefield swallows the fate of the soldiers and turned into the gravestone to an invisible future. Although a transient piece arrived in the end, the scars of war run deep. Yet in such a...
Galaxy Tiger

#1 Galaxy Tiger

In the year 2162, a tiger cub named Koga was transported to Earth from another dimension. Originally thought to be a normal tiger cub, he was brought up on an endangered animal reserve. Eventually he starts talking, and walking on 2 feet. In 2170, the Earth is attacked by an alien weapon that has the power to destroy countries...Koga is now fully matured and decides to join the Space Force to protect the ones he loves. In 2172, they travel to the alien world to destroy...
Kuusou Kagaku Edison

#107 Kuusou Kagaku Edison

In a post-apocalyptic world, a girl leaves her village to find her missing childhood friend, and save her dying world. Her companion in her quest is a machine named "Edison Stein," and he can draw blueprints for magnificent machines. What will await them in "The world...
Full Metal Panic! Another

#148 Full Metal Panic! Another

This is another story in the Full Metal Panic universe, set some years after the events with Sousuke and Kaname. Ichinose Tatsuya is a pretty normal high school boy, who lives with his father and little sister Yukari. He has a tendency to fall in love with foreign women, which has never turned out well for him. One day, while up in the mountains driving a Power Slave to help out with his father's company, he runs into yet another beautiful foreign woman, called Adelina. He lends her a hand and...
Mahou Shoujo Kokone wa Kakukatariki

#247 Mahou Shoujo Kokone wa Kakukatariki

"Then I will become a Mahou Shoujo!" In order to save Hoshi Karen, the Mahou Shoujo who had protected her even while being pursued by tanks. Kokone, who was entrusted with Karen's Grimoire, decides to become that which is acknowledged as a "Calamity" by the world... A Mahou...
Solty Rei - Aka no Shukujo

#333 Solty Rei - Aka no Shukujo

SoltyRei -Aka no Shukujo- is a unique volume oneshot set in the world of the anime series,...