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Mature Manga

Drug Candy

#1 Drug Candy

Alternative: 드러그캔디, Drag Candy,
Author/Artist(s): YI Hyeon Min
Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Mature
Household Affairs

#1 Household Affairs

Alternative: 그집, 사정, The House, No Matter,
Author/Artist(s): ButcherBOY
Neglected wife commits adultery with the delivery boy,But unbeknownst to her..Husband is an...
Hand Play

#1 Hand Play

Alternative: 핸드 플레이,
Author/Artist(s): Hb

#1 Weirdo

Alternative: 异人, The Weirdo,
Author/Artist(s): Mi Er
The grave of Zhang Chunan's long-dead grandfather was desecrated by a group of mysterious people, but his grandfather's corpse wasn't the only thing they dug up. Secrets and mysteries surrounding the Zhang family began to surface, and Zhang Chunan is apparently more than just an ordinary college student desperate to be rid of his...
Five Star Monogatari

#1 Five Star Monogatari

There is an English version of the manga available, published by Toyspress, a company co-founded by the author. Each volume of the English version contained approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of the equivalent Japanese volumes. To date, 26 volumes of the English version have been produced, covering Japanese Vol 1 through 10. Vol 11 and 12 have yet to be translated and the status of future English versions is...
After Hours

#1 After Hours

Alternative: アフターアワーズ,
Author/Artist(s): NISHIO Yuuta
Asahina Emi, an ordinary girl dragged along to a club by a friend, has a chance encounter with Kei, a savvy, fashionable, vinyl-collecting lesbian - and what unfolds a heart-throbbing, shimmering tale of girl meets girl against the backdrop of Tokyo's vibrant nightlife...
Shizuru's Notebook

#1 Shizuru's Notebook

Author/Artist(s): YOSHIMURA Kana
Crying Freeman

#1 Crying Freeman

Yo Hinomura was an ordinary Japanese potter when a run-in with a Chinese mafia changed his life forever. Now an assassin for the 108 Dragons, Yo is the perfect killing machine. As a sign for remorse over his victims, he sheds tears after eliminating his targets. Because of this, he is infamously known by the Dragons and every other crime gang as "Crying...
Kedamono Shounen Shoujo

#1 Kedamono Shounen Shoujo

Enatsu is fascinated with cool and aloof Toba. He's rebuffed her 13 times, telling her he hates girls. Enatsu finallly manages to get Toba alone with her and hugs him. To her surprise Toba's personality changes and he almost rapes her. A book falls on his head and he changes back into the Toba she loves. She pretends they went all the way and extorts Toba to be her boyfriend. But what if he finds out nothing...