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Martial arts Manga

Ni Ming Shi

#1 Ni Ming Shi

A blind person known as Ni Ming Shi was ambushed by Imperial Guards while traveling through the Bamboo Forest. While they almost managed to fool the Imperial Guards their identity was unfortunately exposed by the commander. Now with their life on the line, what kind of fate awaits Ni Ming...


Author/Artist(s): RAYGUN
For thou to stand at the top and seize both keys, become The...
Ashita Aozora

#1 Ashita Aozora

Alternative: あした青空,
Author/Artist(s): KAWAHARA Masatoshi
Don’t mess with Ayu – she’s one of the top-ranked Karate club members in the region, although she does have one weakness; snakes. After one fight where she is unconscious because her opponent knows her weakness, and old friend shows up, a young man named Shunpei. He used to be a weakling, but now he may be even stronger than...

#1 Grumble

On an alternate Earth, the military is attacked and loses a monster-like creature during the battle. Later the monster is accidentally found by 2 young boys, and they decide to make him their pet. Grumble (the monster) grows up with the boys, and they make a few more friends along the way. They soon realize that he's no longer a pet, but an amazing friend. This is a story about Grumble's journey through life, as he tries to figure out what he is, where he belongs...and his true...
Hanzou no Mon

#1 Hanzou no Mon

As the secret caretaker of such an influential future leader, not only does Hanzo use vast and varied ninja talents, but in living closely with Ieyasu, he forms a close friendship with the young...
Wu Dong Qian Kun

#1 Wu Dong Qian Kun

On the Journey of Self-cultivation, One Requires Control of Ying and Yang , Good Fortune, To Reach for Nirvana, Mastery over Life and Death, Power over Reincarnation. At the peak of Martial Arts, break the Heavens and shake the...
Crying Freeman

#1 Crying Freeman

Yo Hinomura was an ordinary Japanese potter when a run-in with a Chinese mafia changed his life forever. Now an assassin for the 108 Dragons, Yo is the perfect killing machine. As a sign for remorse over his victims, he sheds tears after eliminating his targets. Because of this, he is infamously known by the Dragons and every other crime gang as "Crying...
Galaxy Tiger

#1 Galaxy Tiger

In the year 2162, a tiger cub named Koga was transported to Earth from another dimension. Originally thought to be a normal tiger cub, he was brought up on an endangered animal reserve. Eventually he starts talking, and walking on 2 feet. In 2170, the Earth is attacked by an alien weapon that has the power to destroy countries...Koga is now fully matured and decides to join the Space Force to protect the ones he loves. In 2172, they travel to the alien world to destroy...