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Manhwa Manga Page 7

Underclass Hero

#490 Underclass Hero

Their adventure to find out the cause and explanation for the grand...
Until You Fall Asleep

#328 Until You Fall Asleep

Author/Artist(s): Ii Hyun Yoon
Irene is very happy when she finds out that her mother is getting remarried and will have an older sister to play with. Laura, on the other hand, is not so happy to see her father getting remarried after so little time since her mother’s death. While the girls start to settle their differences and become more friendly towards each other a dark secret starts to reveal...
Utopia of Homosexuality

#430 Utopia of Homosexuality

Park Bong Bin is the male character who is a gay. And Jung Suk Ha is the female character who is a lesbian. That's right, the main characters are homosexuals. They met in an Internet chatting room. Realizing they had something in common, they became good friends. Bong Bin is a girly boy and Suk Ha is a mannish girl. Ironically though Suk Ha is still quite good at sewing and cooking. The plot begins when Suk Ha finds a pretty girl of her taste. Soon after, Bong Bin finds a pretty boy of his...
Vanilla Ice

#794 Vanilla Ice

Beautiful, delicate Yoon Sul and tall, brawny Taehee are exact opposites, and yet somehow they can't escape each other! And now with the addition of the popular student representative, Sijun, being interested in Taehee, how will Yoon Sul react?! Action-packed romantic comedy with a...

#1835 Veritas

Kangryong is a high schooler unlike others. He has always had a dream of being the strongest. One day he meets Youcheon, who teaches him a powerful skill. One year later, people come to see him and announce that his "master" is dead. Because he was his only student, Kangryong has to follow them and go to a school where everybody has supernatural...
Vibration Life

#966 Vibration Life

Alternative: S-Kun,
Author/Artist(s): S-Kun
Haeyoon Suh is a scrappy, cute 18-year-old who's attached at the hip to the slick Sungmoo Kang. Sungmoo, the easygoing, compassionate and carefree best friend of Haeyoon's brother, Haeil, has always been the person Haeyoon turns to. For everything. Ever since they were children, Sungmoo's been there to comfort Haeyoon when Haeil goes into overdrive with the discipline, but as the years wore on, the three boys have grown apart. With Sungmoo trying to keep the conflicted Haeyoon at arm's length,...
WA! (YOO Ha jin)

#1022 WA! (YOO Ha jin)

Alternative: Hái sao trời, WA,
Author/Artist(s): Yoo Ha Jin
One day, being bullied by fans of the idol star, Ha Ra was rescued by Pil Lip Lee and found out that a loner in her class named Ye Myeong Han was Pil Lip Lee's scenario writer. Not liking to see how Ye Myeong Han manipulated Pil Lip Lee, Ha Ra decided to be Ye Myeong's student and be better than him. - That's where everything...
Wake Up Deadman

#403 Wake Up Deadman

Saving his girlfriend's life, Sahu incidentally turns to a zombie. And now he's trying to survive in a stone jungle, believing that one day he will sing for the...
Water Cube

#603 Water Cube

Model student Daisuke Mizuki has a secret swimsuit fetish. What will happen when he gets caught taking pictures of girls in swimsuits by his...