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Manhwa Manga Page 4

The Dog and Rabbit's Owner

#1167 The Dog and Rabbit's Owner

Alternative: 개와 토끼의 주인,
Author/Artist(s): LEE Won-Jin
The Friendly Winter

#1129 The Friendly Winter

Alternative: 다정한 겨울,
Author/Artist(s): LEE Jun
A girl with a rare growth disorder that leaves her in the body of a child at the age of 19 meets a boy with a mental disorder who has the mind of a small boy in a 17 year old form. A Friendly Winter shares with us the endearing story of their day-to-day lives, joys and...
The God's War

#762 The God's War

Author/Artist(s): HYUNG Min Woo
BLOCKBUSTER SCI-FI CHI ACTION FROM THE AUTHOR OF PRIEST! Ton-up kids�� craziest leader Chiwoo prepared a big gang fight to celebrate his 17th birthday, but he finds his father prepared a bigger party as he promised when he left Chiwoo 10 years ago. The party starts with a sudden visit of the agents from the Central Incantation Center of Korea and its enemy, the Unions. Chiwoo is simply shocked by their spectacular Incantation War, but does not realize his power, the Mighty Spirit, the...
The Last Question

#684 The Last Question

Alternative: 최후의 질문,
Author/Artist(s): Isaac Asimov, Ryul
Genres: Manhwa, Sci-fi
A personal favourite of the master Sci-Fi writer Isaac Asimov, it is a thought-provoking fiction that even most non Sci-Fi buffs can enjoy. And this timeless classic has been adapted into webtoon format by Ryul, an active illustrator in Ruliweb, which is a Korean web community for subculture...
The Legend of Maian

#733 The Legend of Maian

A powerful sorceress, Feicia Rand Philistin, once tried to conquer the nation of Shurian. In her wake of terror and destruction, a man stood up and rebelled against her oppression and domination. The people called him Maian the Brave (Yongja Maian) and it was he that sealed the evil sorceress. A thousand years later, Fenix Maian in the biggest mistake of his life releases the sealed sorceress that his ancestors have tried so hard to keep imprisoned.Now he has to keep the sorceress from taking...
The Legend of Soma

#2951 The Legend of Soma

After an imprisonment of five days in Heaven, which equals five years on Earth, Soma is sent to the human world to recover the lost sword. Under the supervision of the heavenly princess Aroomee, Soma must deal with the chaos that his deeds have...
The Paradise on the Sand

#936 The Paradise on the Sand

Chapter 4 is a longer story about the traditions binding a family, those that would break away from them, and the dark secret that holds the family in...
The Red Bicycle

#573 The Red Bicycle

Author/Artist(s): Kim Dong Hwa
A friendly, good-natured mailman traverses the rural areas of Korea on his red bicycle, dealing out letters and interacting with the letter-writers and recipients along the...
The Red Soul

#1145 The Red Soul

In a time when Gods ruled with cruelty, no one dared to oppose them… A girl was offered to the wind god as a sacrifice. A tribe leader sets off on a journey of redemption while trying to save the girl and make her his wife. Kiron, while defying the Gods will, departs for a difficult journey. Will he be successful? And what kind of obstacles will the Gods throw at...
The Sad Love Story

#2419 The Sad Love Story

As a child, Joon-young was always teased because his mother owned a bar that served Americans. When he meets Hae-in, a blind girl, they become childhood sweethearts and he vows to always protect her. However, Hae-in and her mom take off one night, leaving Joon-young and his promise behind. Hae-in later meets Gun-woo, the rich son of a CEO. Among these three, a tragic love triangle begins to...