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Manhwa Manga Page 3

My Boyfriend

#291 My Boyfriend

Author/Artist(s): Park Mi Suk
Shen de Wanju - The World

#173 Shen de Wanju - The World

God is playing with a certain world like a toy, and one he is likely to tire of and smash. In this world, there is a girl and boy called Deta and Rame. Deta can see the "HP" of all objects and people, even the world itself. As it turns out, the world doesn't have much HP left. Rame can "load" and "save" with her camera. Another girl, who has not yet met the pair, can see everyone's "MP." While she has MP, everyone else has 0, until she meets Deta and Rame. Will they save the world together, or...

#425 Whamanga

Author/Artist(s): No Do-Whan
Genres: Manhwa
But there is a single woman who can cast fire and she is...

#251 Click

Alternative: 클릭, CLiCK 클릭,
Author/Artist(s): LEE Youngran
While in his half-conscious state, he overhears the incredible truth: his family is abnormal in the weirdest possible way. After puberty, their chromosomes undergo some kind of mutation, which converts their bodies into the opposite sex! Which means his father is really a woman who has been living as a man since the gene change took place. Now Joonha has to leave behind 16 years of life as a man and live as a woman. What will his childhood friend Jinhoo and the girl he has always liked, Heewon,...
Our Relationship Is...

#302 Our Relationship Is...

Alternative: 우리사이느은,
Author/Artist(s): Lee Yun Ji
Genres: Manhwa, Romance
Though we get closer, the gap that can't be crossed. Our uncertain relationship - warm like pastel colors, but unable to burn hotly like primary colors. This fall is the beginning of the campus couple that'll make your heart...
Calling (Jay-kun)

#126 Calling (Jay-kun)

Alternative: 콜링,
Author/Artist(s): Jay-kun
A red-hair witch impulse-purchases a boy and takes the boy home only to find out that she bought more than what she bargained...
Heart of A Companion

#135 Heart of A Companion

Author/Artist(s): HONG Dae Eui
A veterinarian who can talk to animals? Even better that he uses his gift to educate pet...
Welcome to Ghost City

#217 Welcome to Ghost City

With an increasing population of ghosts in the city of Seoul, escalating posthumous territoriality begins to become dangerous for living residents. The solution: vacant buildings just for...

#280 Aisopos

Ellios, fiancée of the powerful man of the city, Samos, ran away to Athens with the true love, Frontis. Therefore, the powerful man of Samos, Yadmon, brought his soldiers to Athens to kill Ellios and Frontis and takes Aesop, the son of Ellios and Frontis, for their...