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Manhwa Manga Page 13


#1330 Laon

Legendary Kang do-Young

#303 Legendary Kang do-Young

There was a Legend about a guy named Kang Do-Young. He was perfect, great at sports, rich and good at fighting. Na Mirae was a girl who was in a leader of a club called ‘Pink Lady’ and who also wants to be Jiang of her whole school. For Do-Young, it was love at first site while for Mirae, it...
Magical Jxr

#473 Magical Jxr

Magical JxR tells the story of two teenage wizards and the young girl they befriend: “Jay and Aru are two of the most popular students in wizardry school. However, before they can graduate, they must venture out into the REAL world and fulfill a one year magic contract with a human girl named Cho-Ah. Is Cho-Ah ready for a whole year with two enthusiastic wizards-to-be at her beck and...
Neck and Neck

#167 Neck and Neck

Alternative: 막상막하, Neck to Neck,
Author/Artist(s): Lee Sun Hee
There's just one problem: Eugene isn't into Dabin. In fact, he thinks of her more like a little sister. (The kiss of death!) To make matters worse, Dabin's new classmate is none other than the son of her father's long-time rival. Soon, everyone at school begins playing power games that would make their fathers...

#1984 Pahanjip

“A grudge is a sentiment that is chained down and cannot move. That fixed sentiment becomes sadness, and when that sadness remains chained with no escape…it becomes hostile…” Baek-On and Ho-Yeon are exorcists-for-hire, traveling throughout the country in search of grudges and ghosts. Each encounter reveals a story of tragedy and loss, sentiments they are all too familiar with themselves. But sometimes the violence of the most murderous spirits is nothing compared to...

#410 Peppermint

For Haei, being able to go to school with her idol, Ijy, is a dream come true! Plus she gets to help him with rehearsing. But with the girls from his fan club, who make her life hell on earth. But then Eo, a kid in primary school, wants her to pretend to be his girlfriend, making it easier for him to get away from his groupies. Haei's life isn't done being...
Perfect Couple

#1494 Perfect Couple

Alternative: 철썩궁합, Perfect Match,
Author/Artist(s): Yeo Ho Kyoung
This is where their quarrels...
Running on Empty

#772 Running on Empty

Han Soo-bum has nothing to lose. Dying seems to be the solution to all his problems. How hard can it be to kill himself? Unless he gets abducted by a hot guy running from the law who has been falsely accused. Where will they run to, and what are these feelings blooming inside our fugitive’s...

#274 Replay

Alternative: 리플레이,
Author/Artist(s): Ryu Riang
Karam's new teacher, Mr. Lee, is also her mother's new boarder. Why does he seem so interested in Karam, and why does she feel some strange connection to him? This is a story of past and present lives, love, jealousy, sacrifice, and...
Nina Jalhae

#786 Nina Jalhae

Alternative: 니나잘해, Good Luck, Nina!,
Author/Artist(s): JO Oon Hak
Can our hero get the girl? Can he even survive high school with his life and limbs...