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Manhua Manga Page 3

White Garden

#260 White Garden

Zhan is a pet that has been sold to a lot of owners but in turn they have all left him and he always believes it is his fault. He met an old lady and they spent a lot of time together but then her health gets worse and she dies leaving Zhan to go back to the pet...
Wolf & Mary

#809 Wolf & Mary

Ordinary guy on an ordinary day woke up in an ordinary house next to an... ordinary dead body, what would you...
Xia Ke Xing

#1404 Xia Ke Xing

A scholar with absolutely no desire to study met a mysterious girl called 'Miss Ugly' who had no memories of her past. She was resigned to her fate of being destined to be sacrificed to the Huang Deity, but the scholar was determined to save...
Yan Lu Guang Tao Pao

#306 Yan Lu Guang Tao Pao

Not rated for older shoujo...
Yan Zhi Cuo

#517 Yan Zhi Cuo

Alternative: 胭脂错,
Author/Artist(s): You Gui Xiu
Will everything settle down, and can these two talented people find true love when there's so many obstacles...
Yi Bi Zhi Ming

#688 Yi Bi Zhi Ming

First year university student, ZiMo, suddenly receives news of his brother-in-law’s death. On top of that, at the funeral, he learns that his brother-in-law is a master of the name spell technique and that he chose ZiMo as his successor! This is the way the spirit domain’s gates opened before...

#320 Yiwu

Alternative: 异物, 異物,
Author/Artist(s): Zhao Liang
Seventeen year old Qianchun, gets lost in a place deep in the mountains when his classmates pull a prank. Later, he finds out that there is a ghost story about a hotel in the mountains, about a mother and her...
Youth Gone Wild

#1175 Youth Gone Wild

Yuan Wei Cu Ji

#345 Yuan Wei Cu Ji

Alternative: 原味初戀,
Author/Artist(s): Shiu Wan
Ai has always believed that her cooking is really good, despite not being able to taste anything. She enjoys school life with her two friends. So what will happen when the famous VJ, Daiwen, asks her out? And what will happen when she finds out how bad her cooking truly is? So what has Lansi really been...
Billion Princess

#541 Billion Princess

Author/Artist(s): Yu Jia Yan
Bai-Yao’s father is the owner of one of the largest media companies in Asia. She is beautiful, rich and popular so she is considered as a modern-day princess. Even though Bai-Yao is being railroaded into an arranged marriage by her mother, our princess is in a secret relationship with the famous male singer Yin, who is represented by her father’s company. Working at her father’s company is Tien, an errand boy with dreams of becoming a songwriter, who also happens to adore...