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Manhua Manga Page 2

The Wrong Room

#419 The Wrong Room

Author/Artist(s): Natasha
A strange reunion, a strange toy store, a life-changing...
Theme World

#561 Theme World

After quickly getting lost in the nearby forest, he finds a girl named Misu about to be eaten by the dangerous wildlife of the forest! Using his inhuman strength he saves her, and after finding out she can cook, he decides to bring her along on his...
Ultraman Tiga

#353 Ultraman Tiga

In the year 2049, the Earth has settled into a period of relative peace, thanks in large part to the global efforts of GUTS--the Global Unlimited Task Squad--an international alliance dedicated to protecting mankind from threats within the planet and beyond. But when a mysterious meteor carrying an ominous message crashes next to GUTS headquarters, it heralds the end of peacetime and the return of the giant monsters that terrorized humanity many millions of years ago. Mankind's only hope is to...
Unbeatable Youth

#633 Unbeatable Youth

XIANG Wei-er, who has exceptional grades and a sense of justice, upon transferring to a new school and class, got named by the teacher as a little teacher dedicated to guiding the "special students" in the class... Gosh! Before she can even adjust to the unfamiliar new environment, she has to first deal with a bunch of difficult people... a serious girl meets a strange handsome guy, and together act out a surreal campus love...

#777 Unhuman

Alternative: Inhuman, Not Human,
Author/Artist(s): Chen Mou
Arc 3: The Final Keystone...
Unique Legend

#1744 Unique Legend

But also due to this, it is the start of his new...
Valentine Lovers

#729 Valentine Lovers

Alternative: 情人恋人,
Author/Artist(s): San Yue Tu
When the mother of a particular girl disappeared, her father began to ignore her. Ten years later, she meets a pervert at a crowded bus stop. A mysterious boy saves her...but...what will happen...
Vampire Master

#613 Vampire Master

A hot blooded part time hunter with a sense of justice, Yan Zi Ying, working everyday for the sake of maintaining the peace between devils and the human race. One day the hunter headquarters tells her grandfather that the seal is going to be broken very soon. In order to reseal the seal, Zi Ying and a fat parrot Xiu Shou charges straight to the devil’s head, vampire, Yu Wen Hao’s home in order to take away the sacred book by force, not expecting Yu Wen Hao to easily give the sacred...

#2159 Wedding

If Mimi is to find happiness, she’ll have to find her own husband! It doesn’t matter who, as long as his face doesn’t make her...
Wedding Theme

#1802 Wedding Theme

"Wedding Theme" is a historical romance, the setting is same as that of the "Romance of The Three Kingdoms." This manga creates a entirely different image of Zhou Yu who is portrayed more as a bad guy in "Romance of The Three Kingdoms." But, Zhou Yu is dashing, handsome, and young when he meets the heroine of this...