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Josei Manga Page 4

Sweet Lovin' Baby

#506 Sweet Lovin' Baby

In "Miyuki," the protagonist watches another girl from...
Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru

#1605 Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru

Amateur photographer Makoto and the homely but endearing Shizuru meet during university orientation and become instant friends. Shy by nature, Makoto finds himself opening up around Shizuru, and the two often go to a forest together to take photographs. Shizuru secretly likes Makoto, but he only has eyes for classmate Miyuki. When Shizuru decides to enter a photography contest, she asks Makoto to kiss her in the forest to create the perfect picture. But after that fateful day, Shizuru...
Taiyou no Uta

#605 Taiyou no Uta

Sixteen-year old Kaoru, who cannot be exposed to sunlight, can only experience “life” at night, when she’s in front of the train station, singing. There begins a love that has blossomed for the first time in her...
Tamashii no Futago

#801 Tamashii no Futago

Alex and Rite are two souls who died at the same moment on different ends of the earth. This is the story of their interactions with the humans who can see them as they travel towards each...
Tenkyuugi - Sephirahnatus

#744 Tenkyuugi - Sephirahnatus

In this world, there are 10 heavenly laws and 22 earthly laws. While humans cannot have knowledge of the heavenly laws used by the gods, they make use of the earthly laws. Through cards, each of the symbols can be utilized through the use of magic. Those with this ability are called magicians. Aspiring magicians study the laws in order to attend a magic institute. Nanao, Kisa, and Nanten of Nase are freshmen enrolled at the Seventh Eastern Magic Institute. Even within the 22 laws, there exist a...
Tensai Family Company

#900 Tensai Family Company

Katsuyuki, a gifted, petty and egocentric high schooler, intends to work in the high financial world. His well regulated life explodes when his mother remarries his worst nightmare: a traveller writer, unproductive, nice and completely unpredictable... and father of a son who looks like him. All his opposite... Consequently begins the subtle contamination of his entourage by their terrible joie de vivre. Even Nagasawa, "the female brain of the high school", the only one for which he had respect...

#362 Tetsuichi

Alternative: てついち, 鉄壱智,
Author/Artist(s): NARUSHIMA Yuri
Yonagahiko - a god(?) with a human face and a serpentine body - lives on a mountain-side with a small, mysterious boy named Tetsuichi. There is a popular legend about that mountain; a legend which tells the tale of a human who once slew the mountain god and gained possession of his...
The Boy from the Moon

#1377 The Boy from the Moon

Update: After a long hiatus the author finally picked up the series...