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Josei Manga Page 3

Shirube no Michi

#436 Shirube no Michi

Author/Artist(s): Konno Kita
Shinobu’s plans for the summer are ruined when her mother sends her off to her grandparents' countryside home. Bored and friendless, she prepares herself for a long, dreary holiday -- but soon discovers that she has something in common with her grandfather -- something quite...
Shounen Hakaryuudo

#1238 Shounen Hakaryuudo

Author/Artist(s): Kikuta Yui
Ciel is a member of the conservation group that protects fairies from hunters who try to hunt for their wings, while Ren is a fairy-wing hunter. The encounter between these two will open up the door to a tale woven with...
Shuukatsu!! - Kimi ni Naitei

#1475 Shuukatsu!! - Kimi ni Naitei

Life isn’t sweet... Asaoka Yuuri, a senior in university, has failed for the 49th time in job hunting. During an exam at the 50th company, which should be a commemoration for her, she came to know Manabe Ryouji, a famous guy at her university. The first impression was horrible. But what will happen to Yuuri, who started to be attracted to Manabe, who looks cool and can do everything to the point that it’s...
Sono Rokudenashi ni You ga Aru

#933 Sono Rokudenashi ni You ga Aru

What will happened when Yuzu meets the boy who helped her out ten years ago in middle school? What will happened between the relationship between her and Shinra, her...
Soryanaize Darling

#3007 Soryanaize Darling

Maiko Ninomiya is college freshman again this year! All because of the accident a year ago that put her in the hospital for half a year. Not to let the fact that she was held back a year dishearten her, she made a complete recovery. But recently she keeps seeing erotic dreams... On top of that after meeting novelist Yukiya Nagase, strange things keep...
Star's Last Wish

#620 Star's Last Wish

A story about a mysterious child who came from the mountain. The child is not familiar with his background or where he came from, and he roams around carrying a blue flower. He, called Star, is determined to find a man named Garion, who can somehow save the flower from withering in the...
Stone Cold

#473 Stone Cold

Author/Artist(s): MORI Motoko
Karin Mochizuki is an attractive woman lawyer. Because she is always calm and collected and never lets her feelings show, she's been nicknamed Stone Cold (a woman colder than a stone). This volume contains four stories about incidents involving...
Suki o Choudai

#1831 Suki o Choudai

Between bohemian life and a well arranged couple's life, Matsuno's heart is in balance... But will she follow what her head or what her heart tells...
Sultan no Koukeigi

#676 Sultan no Koukeigi

HOW COULD ONE MAN BE BOTH HER TORMENT AND HER TEMPTATION? Sheikh Najib blasted into Rosalind Lewis's life and staked a sultan's claim on her son! Her denial of the boy's royal lineage was met with deaf ears -- and relentless kisses. When danger threatened, mother and child were whisked into Najib's exotic world, a faraway place where protection meant marriage. But with every night in the arms of her sheikh "husband," Rosalind's secret threatened to surface. Would the truth bring a bitter end --...