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Sheikh no Proposal

#61925 Sheikh no Proposal

Author/Artist(s): Barbara Mcmahon
Genres: Josei, Romance
Sara Kinsale is stunned to be thrown together with a prince of the desert, and even more so to find herself unbelievably attracted to the elusive Sheikh Kahrun bak Samin.... Especially as she's indebted to the sheikh and it's only a matter of time before he demands to be repaid! Kahrun soon names his price -- marriage! He needs a trophy wife, and Sara is already living under his roof. But will she be the sheikh's bride in name only -- or will her marriage duties be a little more...
Sheikh no Ryakudatsu Ai

#1889 Sheikh no Ryakudatsu Ai

Surrender To The Sheikh: He's proud, passionate, primal--dare she surrender to the...
Shibou to Iu na no Fuku wo Kite

#2791 Shibou to Iu na no Fuku wo Kite

A story that wonderfully depicts the emotions of an overweight woman with low self-esteem surrounded within the harsh environment of slim and good-looking women. She then decides to lose weight after getting dumped by her lover. The consequences and side-effects are explored further after the 'achievement'..is it what she really wished...
Shima Shima Everyday

#899 Shima Shima Everyday

A lighthearted slice-of-life story about a girl who finds a stray...
Shin Jigen Ascension

#1941 Shin Jigen Ascension

There is a rumour going around about a CD called “Trigger” that can supposedly increase the intelligence of its listener. However, the CD has also been connected to several deaths and disappearances. Chitose’s best friend Hayato listens to the CD, and not long after, Hayato and his whole family suddenly disappear. Refusing to believe that Hayato is gone forever, Chitose becomes determined to find his best friend and the truth behind the...
Shin Pet Shop of Horrors

#5748 Shin Pet Shop of Horrors

For those who haven't read Petshop of Horrors, Count D's Petshop is a place where one can find animals from the most ordinary housepets to savage predators to mystical beasts that should belong only in legends. Customers often find that their new pets change their lives more than they expect, fulfilling their dreams, or realizing their...
Shirogane no Ou

#882 Shirogane no Ou

But eventually, the bodyguard begins to realize that there is a reason behind the King's arrogant demeanour - one which he becomes determined to find out. Still... how can he protect a man who doesn't want to be...
Shiroi Veil wa Itsuwari no Iro

#778 Shiroi Veil wa Itsuwari no Iro

Author/Artist(s): Susan Fox, ISSHIKI Toyo
Genres: Josei, Romance
Allison lives with her uncle, the CEO of a bank in deep financial trouble. Blue Summer, a wealthy farm owner, offers him financial aid in return for Allison's hand in marriage. Allison doesn't want a marriage without love, but nevertheless she travels to Blue's mansion to save her aunt and uncle's...