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Horror Manga Page 6


#1559 Blame!

Who is this quiet, violent, determined man and what are these Genes he seeks? The small communities he finds tucked into the crevices of this towering, dystopic ruin hardly give him leads on his treasure, driving him to find larger enclaves of civilization where people can reveal more about the world he lives in and the quarry he...
Blassreiter - Genetic

#591 Blassreiter - Genetic

After being wounded, a female Blassreiter fighter arrives to save him and the rest of the village. However, she finds out that the priest was about to...

#872 Blood+

Asuka Katsura's manga series successfully expands upon the original Production I.G/Aniplex feature, delivering moments of jarring violence and thrilling action in a tale that spans several...

#128 Blood-C

Kisaragi Saya is a happy, small-town schoolgirl who spends peaceful days with her friends. She mostly hangs out with her friend Yuka, the twins Nono and Nene, and the class rep, who seems to have a crush on her. Saya is also intrigued with a mysterious loner named Tokizane, who always comes to school late. She lives at home with her widowed father, and often eats at the neighboring cafe 'Guimauve,' which is run by the excellent chef and family friend Fumito. Her life may seem very tranquil and...
Bloody Junkie

#281 Bloody Junkie

In the midst of this extreme environment, a battle royale style murder game...
Bloody Maiden: Juusanki no Shima

#1441 Bloody Maiden: Juusanki no Shima

Onitsuka Miaki, a freshman from Fujimigahara Girls' Academy Naginata club, is going to a training camp on a remote island that is owned by her captain, Igasaki Kotone, along with 11 members. Legends say that the remote island is a place where the worst bandits live who have hidded a national treasure beneath the island. Everything is still normal until one of their members gets killed. Their live-threatening experience begins...
BM: Nectar

#5613 BM: Nectar

Man is having a hard time finding food and getting rid of their trash, so science comes up with a bio-engineered animal that survives by eating trash, and is then killed to feed humanity. But the self-replicating, endlessly hungry killing machine gets loose in...

#947 Bokke-san

Hinomiya is a quiet student who never says anything, but has a supernatural power. He saved Shijiro Sayu a number of years ago when she was falling, and since then she has considered him a friend. One day, an unnatural murder occurs, and a little girl escaping the killers runs into Hinomiya and Shijiro, with the supernatural villains not far...