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Horror Manga Page 6


#320 Yiwu

Alternative: 异物, 異物,
Author/Artist(s): Zhao Liang
Seventeen year old Qianchun, gets lost in a place deep in the mountains when his classmates pull a prank. Later, he finds out that there is a ghost story about a hotel in the mountains, about a mother and her...
Yoru wo Utau Kodomotachi

#527 Yoru wo Utau Kodomotachi

There are rumours spreading around Kunuyuki's school which say that students mysteriously disappear one after another from the campus, and that there is a secret door hidden somewhere. This time the missing person is Kuniyuki’s best friend - Kashiwagi. Are the rumors really true? Kuniyuki is angry and has no idea what to do about his friend, when he meets a strange, but very pretty girl called Towa. She says she is the guardian of the “outcasts,” those who were taken to the...
Yorugata Aijin Senmonten - Bloodhound

#2221 Yorugata Aijin Senmonten - Bloodhound

Rion is on a mission to find her missing friend Shihoko. Her only two clues are a card given to her by Shihoko and a confession that her best friend was in love with a vampire. Thus she heads down to a club filled with pretty male escorts whom she insists are vampires. Suou, the owner of the club, insists that he doesn't know a Shihoko at all and claims that they are not vampires. So, he decides to chase her out of the club. In order to obtain the truth, Rion throws a very, very expensive...
Yougen no Chi

#931 Yougen no Chi

Ryuunosuke's from an impressive clan... Or well, his secret is impressive, but he's not. After receiving a an unknown vampire doll from his sempai, his spilled blood wakes it up. With the soon-after death of his dear colleague, he also acquires a beautiful meat-eating girl. These two girls guide Ryuunosuke in controlling the monster that lurks within his blood while he tries to figure out the true reason for his...
Yumekui Kenbun

#2010 Yumekui Kenbun

13nichi wa Kin’youbi?

#1018 13nichi wa Kin’youbi?

Ema is obsessed with ghosts, and is even part of her school’s occult club. She’ll do anything that has to do with some crazy superstition about ghosts or spirits, and make sure that she goes out of her way to do it. Ema is known for this at school, and the series follows her pursues to find ghosts. Ema, unfortunately, cannot see the things that she loves, unlike a few of her...

#4629 Parasyte

They arrive in silence and darkness. They descend from the skies. They have a hunger for human flesh. They are everywhere. They are parasites, alien creatures who must invade - and take control of - a human host to survive. And once they have infected their victims, they can assume any deadly form they choose: monsters with giant teeth, winged demons, creatures with blades for hands. But most have chosen to conceal their lethal purpose behind ordinary human faces. So no one knows their secret -...

#1331 Lives

In this cruel world, Shinma Shingo fights for what he believes in so the weak can...
Dragon Head

#1518 Dragon Head

In the horror of witnessing so many classmates perish before his eyes in a violent train wreck, Teru discovers two survivors in the tunnel: Ako and Nobuo. But salvation from this bloody carnage is far from their grasp. As they try to dig out from the wreck in order to come up with a plan to stay alive, the lack of light and food, combined with the stench of death and decay, will lead one member of the group down a dark and demented path. And with sudden, violent earthquakes shaking the tunnel,...

#952 DOUBT

Alternative: Rabbit Doubt,
Author/Artist(s): TONOGAI Yoshiki
Yuu meets up with a couple of freinds playing the popular cell phone game called Rabbit Doubt to meet in real life.But things get very strange when it seems like they are in the...