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Historical Manga Page 9


#3012 Yeonmo

This story details the events of that forgotten king's...
Yoake no Vampire

#655 Yoake no Vampire

Louis and Lestat are two vampires living in the 1700s who have a platonic love/hate relationship. Louis is about to leave Lestat but suddenly Lestat turns a little girl(Claudia) into a vampire and Louis can't leave her...But what happens when Claudia's mind matures but her body stays the...
Yokohama Monogatari

#1340 Yokohama Monogatari

This great romance tells the story of the loves and dreams of two girls growing up during the westernization of Japan in the Meiji...
Yorube Naki Mono

#1513 Yorube Naki Mono

A chance encounter on a moonlit night leads to two destinies...
Yougen no Chi

#931 Yougen no Chi

Ryuunosuke's from an impressive clan... Or well, his secret is impressive, but he's not. After receiving a an unknown vampire doll from his sempai, his spilled blood wakes it up. With the soon-after death of his dear colleague, he also acquires a beautiful meat-eating girl. These two girls guide Ryuunosuke in controlling the monster that lurks within his blood while he tries to figure out the true reason for his...