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Historical Manga Page 4

Taishou Mugen Kitan

#910 Taishou Mugen Kitan

Taisho Dream Stories – Yin & Yang: In the Taisho Era (1912-1926 CE), a young noble called Sakuya is traumatised by a recurring dream in which she is strangled by ivy. Is this a prophecy? Or a vision of the past? Driven to despair, the young girl turns for help to a brilliant Noh dancer who somehow shares an enigmatic connection to the spiritual world. Yet the unravelling of this mystery is more complicated than anyone could imagine, entwining vengeful spirits, lost love, tragic...
Takemitsu Zamurai

#2151 Takemitsu Zamurai

Months pass, and all appears to be well. But trouble will not leave the Katagi tenements alone...
Tantei Aoneko

#1008 Tantei Aoneko

It was the roaring 20's, and the country was Japan. Bluecat, or Aoneko, is a debonaire aristocrat with too much money and leisure time. Along with his servant boy Tigerman, he dabbles in private detective work much to the chagrin of the real police detective Mr. Bee-Prince (Hachiouji). Bluecat is handsome--and yes, he knows it--witty, polite, and popular among the rich. However, his deviant libido, as well as his own attractive nature, often land him in...
Tao Tie Jie

#2076 Tao Tie Jie

Demon brothers Tao Tie and Kui Long arrive at a village to prepare to recieve a ritual sacrifice that happens every 10 years. Kui Long introduces himself as Wu Chen to a girl named Tan Hua. Turns out Tan Hua actually died from an illness beforehand but her brother the doctor gave her a medicine that rivived her so that she would be the sacrifice and not him. Neither Kui Long nor Tan Hua know of eachothers role in the approaching...
Tenshou no Ryoma

#497 Tenshou no Ryoma

Tenshou no Ryouma explores the historical alternative-universe where Ryouma is saved through Shintaro's sacrifice. Given this second chance, will Ryouma finally be able to establish a new, modern...

#362 Tetsuichi

Alternative: てついち, 鉄壱智,
Author/Artist(s): NARUSHIMA Yuri
Yonagahiko - a god(?) with a human face and a serpentine body - lives on a mountain-side with a small, mysterious boy named Tetsuichi. There is a popular legend about that mountain; a legend which tells the tale of a human who once slew the mountain god and gained possession of his...
The Bedroom Girl, The Sculpture Room Girl

#307 The Bedroom Girl, The Sculpture Room Girl

A story about a girl in her death bed finding another chance in life in the body of a doll. But is the girl in the bedroom the same as the girl in the sculpture room? Can the doll master make her dreams come...
The Black Cat

#798 The Black Cat

Alternative: Kuro Neko,
Author/Artist(s): Ito Yukari
The story is based on the classic work of the same name by Edgar Allen Poe. This is an original rendition of the traditional story. It is NOT for the faint of...
The Change!

#1823 The Change!

The manga is based on a novel from late Heian era called “Torikaebaya...
The Changelings

#1370 The Changelings

The manga is based on a novel from late Heian era called “Torikaebaya...