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Historical Manga Page 3

Sono Te wa Atatakai

#695 Sono Te wa Atatakai

Todo is a very skilled locksmith. One day, after a job, a car almost hits him. In the car is a box… and in that box is a young...

#303 SOS

3) The Easy...
Soukai Kessen

#1255 Soukai Kessen

Mikasa Sanekiyo, formerly of the Sakune family, was adopted by a family after his parents and grandparents passed away. His older stepbrother, Mitsukiyo, is already an accomplished military commander and Sanekiyo looks up dearly to him for moral and emotional guidance. Following in his footsteps, Sanekiyo is accepted into the navy academy as the top chair of his class. Little does he know how discriminatory the Akitsu are against the other two races and how hard the training is going to be....
Souten no Koumori

#615 Souten no Koumori

Souten no Koumori is a oneshot by the mangaka of Fullmetal Alchemist. It is the story of a shinobi, Henpukumaru, who awakens in an enemy's mansion. She is introduced to the future master of the mansion, Chiyozuru. Chiyozuru is able to get the unemotional Henpukumaru to smile and react differently than she normally would. But, one night, there is an attack by Henpukumaru's former...

#929 Stigmata

The Cardinal calls for an assembly of the region’s clergymen in the name of the Pope to discuss the situation, and to that end, an ambitious nun named Sister Rose is sent to the Teatela Province on a mission to locate Father Gabriel Iota—a priest suspected of possessing a very strong Holy...
Sui Tang Heroes

#1123 Sui Tang Heroes

The question remains: who would be the next ruler of the land? Read and...

#948 Surado

Alternative: 수라도,
Author/Artist(s): Kim Jeong uk, Choe Bo ha

#1222 Tactics

Note: The current serialization is in...
Tail of the Moon

#4095 Tail of the Moon

Sometimes it seems like Usagi is hopeless. Sure, she's good with healing herbs, but she's the granddaughter of the leader of a prestigious ninja village and she's such a klutz that she's never made it out of the kiddie class. Finally frustrated with Usagi's lack of progress, her...