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Harem Manga Page 2

Starry Sky - In Spring

#1070 Starry Sky - In Spring

Then one day, Tomoe Yoh arrived, transferring from France. From awkward beginnings, these four opened up to one another and grew to become irreplaceable best friends. But during the spring of their junior year, further changes have been blossoming within their...
Stellar Theater

#984 Stellar Theater

Alternative: Stellar☆Theater,
Author/Artist(s): Rosebleu, Waki
He is forcibly appointed as to be an examiner of the next protector test. There are also three girls who move to his school to take the test and one of them is his childhood friend. He still doesn't know that there will be a big event, which will change his future, in the not too distant...
Storm Lover

#1410 Storm Lover

Lots of bishies with one girl. Seems to have something to do with the Chinese zodiac at an elite...
Super Darling!

#2172 Super Darling!

It’s not that she tries to keep to herself, exactly: It’s just that everyone seems to look right through her! Naturally, Sakuya Tohno has a complex about it. She says she’s just like air: ever present, but never seen. All she wants is a friend, but building relationships isn’t exactly easy for someone who is, for all intents and purposes, invisible. But then she hears a legend about the “Thousand-Year Sakura” and how, if one makes a wish beneath its...

#1336 Suzuka

Yamato is ready for a fresh start. So when his aunt invites him to stay rent-free in her big-city boarding house in hustling, bustling Tokyo, Yamato jumps at the chance. There's just one teensy-weensy catch: It's an all-girl housing complex and spa! Things get even more nerve-racking when Yamato meets his neighbor Suzuka, a beautiful track-and-field star. She's not just the cutest girl Yamato's ever met, she's also the coolest, the smartest, and the most intimidating. Can an ordinary guy like...
Sweet Girl

#1089 Sweet Girl

Alternative: スウィートガール,
Author/Artist(s): Kanda Haruka
What will await...
Tena on S-String

#2803 Tena on S-String

Discharged from the hospital after recovering from a serious accident, music teacher Hibiki Kyousuke finds himself able to see and hear musical notes coming from the people and the world around him! As he contemplates this lasting damage (and maybe a malpractice suit against the hospital), he finds himself face-to-face with a haughty young girl decked out in frilly Gothic Lolita clothing. And when she suddenly points at him and orders him to be her servant, will Kyousuke have no choice but to...