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Gender bender Manga

Onna no Buki ga Tsukaete Koso Otoko no Ko Desu.

#1 Onna no Buki ga Tsukaete Koso Otoko no Ko Desu.

A young boy discovers his girlish charms to fight back against his older brother forcing him to...
Hana wa Nisemono

#1 Hana wa Nisemono

Mori and Ayumu are a gay couple in college in a happy relationship. However, after Ayumu prays at a shrine for them to always be together, the shrine's deity intervenes by turning him into a girl, and now everyone except for them think Ayumu has always been a...

#440 Tama-chen!!

Komachi Himeno, a cute and busy girl in the school. Onigawara Nozomi, a monster-like face and have monster-like power. Everyone in the class who see Nozomi will scare. But, Himeno choose him bravely as part of the member cleaning class. One day, in the way to go home, Nozomi chased off Himeno. But, Himeno quickly run as her can because she too scare of Nozomi. Then, they fall from the stairs. After they realize, their soul is...
Mahou Shoujo Pretty Bell

#609 Mahou Shoujo Pretty Bell

Magical rod "ryin rod" has been awakened. When the compatible user "magical girl pretty bell" appears, it always says that the world will be at risk. Milk and Cocoa are angels who protect the rod and support magical girl pretty bell, They have come to the town where a compatible user, Misaki Eri lives, while being attacked by an enermy. However the rod didn't point to Eri but pointed to a body building neighbor, Takada Atsushi. why did the rod pick Atsushi instead of Eri? and why there are two...
Yuri na Watashi to Akuma na Kanojo (?)

#126 Yuri na Watashi to Akuma na Kanojo (?)

As a child, Yashiro Nonoyama developed an intense fear of men due to boys constantly bullying her. Now in high school, she dreams of being reunited with her first love: a girl who protected her one day from her bullies. Yashiro is in disbelief when a transfer student named Mikoto Saionji arrives who looks a lot like her first love, but she later discovers that Mikoto is actually a guy, and that he was her first love. Yashiro learns that Mikoto is rapidly turning into a girl, and the only way to...
When I Woke Up I Became a Bagel Girl

#164 When I Woke Up I Became a Bagel Girl

Bagel is Korean slang for a girl with a baby face and a glamorous (sexy)...
Anata to Scandal

#247 Anata to Scandal

Takasaki Tomoka is a young girl seeking love. She had finally found her prince and slowly began to think of a way to speak to him. Tomoka met up with her childhood classmate from piano lessons, Miyazawa Arata and was invited to a performance by his band. There, she met the prince she had been admiring for many days. After becoming drunk, Tomoka confessed her love to her prince but problems arise with Tomoka having to take her love down through a dangerous...