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Gender bender Manga Page 6

He Dedicated to Roses

#1694 He Dedicated to Roses

"If you were a girl, we would never have met" "Well- to...to be honest with you- I AM a girl-" Plain when she's a girl, but disguised as a guy, she's got a good body, is awesome at fighting and has a handsome face. Despite thinking that Ida is a guy, Kang Naru falls in love with her. Now everyone thinks that Naru is gay, Ida wants to tell him the truth. "What should I do? If they know I'm a girl - " - But at what...
Kaze Hikaru

#1987 Kaze Hikaru

In the 1860s in Japan, a new era is dawning. During this time fraught with violent social upheaval, samurai of all walks of life flock to Kyoto in the hope of joining a band of warriors united around their undying loyalty to the Shogunate system. This group became one of the...
Hana no Kishi

#768 Hana no Kishi

Ever since the day Ran Kurono's older brother was killed while protecting Sei Ohtori, she has dedicated her skills and life to one day becoming the First Knight of the next head of the Ohtori family, even concealing the fact that she's a woman forever. For generations the Kurono family has served the Ohtori family as their First Knight, but 11 other lower knights with ill intentions of using the Ohtori family's authority vie for that title. Not only that, but Sei is being tested for being...
Ladies Vs Butlers!

#2083 Ladies Vs Butlers!

Hino Akiharu lost his parents when he was an elementary student and was taken in by his uncle's family. One day, he sees on the news about the newly-established Hakureiryou Gakuin, a school which was re-built from an elite girls' school. He decides to take the exam for that school and succeeds in entering the House Management Department (the place to train maids & butlers). He wants to become a butler, although his appearance scares the ladies. Akiharu has a sinister look in his eyes, a...
Love SOS

#679 Love SOS

The main character is Dan-bi, the daughter of a Yakuza boss. One night, the father she loves more than anything is killed before her eyes. The killers blind her, making her father`s death the last thing she sees with her own eyes. Her mother sends the wounded Dan-bi to Korea, where she has an eye transplant. From then on, Dan- bi is to be a good girl, live with her aunt, and stay out of trouble. Dan-bi does her best, maneuvering between her aunt’s boy-crazy daughter and son, the Jjang....
Gekkou Teien

#687 Gekkou Teien

Yuuki is a girl who lies about her gender to enroll in the theatre department of Getsuryou academy, an all boys' school where all the students are required to stay in the dorm. While hiding the fact that she's a girl, every day, she tries hard to study acting, the subject that she loves so much. One day, an upperclassman, Riku, found out her secret, causing Yuuki to be very worried, but she gradually got attracted to him. At the same time, she came to know the real reason why she was brought up...
Maria Holic

#894 Maria Holic

This is a story that revolves around a lesbian high school girl, Kanako Miyamae, who is scared of boys and breaks out in hives if a boy touches her. During her second year of high school, she enrolls in an all-girls school hoping to find a female romantic partner. However, her ideal candidate, Maria Shid?, turns out to be a sadistic crossdressing...
Ruby Doll

#1448 Ruby Doll

Author/Artist(s): Choi Kyung Ah
The president of the huge family company DI-group is going to select his heir from among his four grandsons, thats why Ru Jin, Ru Ha, Ru Min and Ru Sung gathered together!! Of course, everyone has his own reasons to become the next president... So the survival game of this coveted seat in the executive suite is going to...
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

#682 Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Usagi Tsukino is just a normal 8th grader: a bit lazy, a crybaby, and not the best student; but a great friend with a big heart. Usagi's normal life changes forever when she meets a talking cat named Luna, who gives her a magical broach, which can transform her into the soldier of love and justice, Sailor Moon. Usagi must find the other Sailor Soldiers, Moon Princess, and a powerful stone known as the Silver Millennium Crystal, in order to defeat an evil enemy. This foe is also searching for...
Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan

#573 Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan

The beautiful singer Lucille and his orchestra invite you to the city of fear where puppets hunt down humans. The puppets are playing an oratorio of magic and...