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Fantasy Manga Page 9

Sword Art Online

#1051 Sword Art Online

To meet the conditions of clearing the game --- getting through all 100 floors, Kirito fights his way through this quest...
Sword Art Online - Fairy Dance

#948 Sword Art Online - Fairy Dance

Kirito was one of the first players to accept this “truth”, and began his solo play, refusing to form a party, as he threw himself into the never ending battles that lay before...

#497 Swot

Luckily, Manabizaki has a surprising skill at fighting, particularly when he's defending the peace of his study area. Through this strength he'll find his new friends, a weak boy called Iwashida and a legendary delinquent girl, Hasuno Nene, who makes him feel things that, for the first time in his life, he can't...

#1222 Tactics

Note: The current serialization is in...
Takeru - Susanoh   Mashou no Ken Yori

#1691 Takeru - Susanoh Mashou no Ken Yori

Izumo, Kumaso, and Oguna, upon pursuing the sword of Susanoh, came to the nation of Jagara ruled by an Empress and her army of women. They got involved in the wars between Jagara and Amamikado, but what awaits them isn't the clash between two nations, but the darkness involved with the sword of Susanoh that everyone is...
Takuhai Cupid

#1189 Takuhai Cupid

Delivery Cupid is a collection of six short stories. The title story is a romantic comedy about Tsubasa, who is half-human and half-cupid. In order to become a full cupid, he must successfully unite a couple. However, the target is an evil man named Norimasa who shows no love for anyone. When Tsubasa accidentally ends up as Norimasa's match, the trouble begins. Are Tsubasa and Norimasa attracted because of cupid magic, or is it true...
Tales of Destiny - Director's Cut

#1875 Tales of Destiny - Director's Cut

Focusing on the (most prominent) anti-hero of the original storyline, this manga is an incarnation of the recent game "Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut", which came with the ability to play as Leon Magnus. Now we will follow his story and find out what drove him to do what he did and the reason why. The story of love, pain and betrayal unravels and the wheel of destiny turns once...
Tales of Destiny 2

#829 Tales of Destiny 2

Once again, a famous RPG by Namco is being adapted into a...