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Fantasy Manga Page 39

Fairy Cube

#3552 Fairy Cube

Ashina Tomo is your average school girl who somehow constantly has terrible images of a train accident. One day, on her crush’s birthday, her best friend brings her to an isolated print club machine which is rumored to allow prayers to come true. What would happen when your prayers come true, but not the way you want them to be? By a cursed print club machine...

#1011 Fate

Shin-Young abruptly wakes up from a nightmare just to find a man, named Ji-Hoo, sleeping in the same bed. If that wasn't bizzare enough, the two of them find out that they were engaged ever since birth. Was it a mere coincidence or was it a work of fate that has not yet...
Fire Emblem Hasha no Tsuguri

#1931 Fire Emblem Hasha no Tsuguri

Side story of Fire Emblem ~ The Binding Blade (Gameboy Advance...
G School

#1697 G School

Soryun isn't like any high schooler; he hails from a shaman family. He's usually discrete with his powers, but he's going to have to reveal them to hunt ghosts and other entities that haunt the...
Hagoromo Mishin

#594 Hagoromo Mishin

(Then again, maybe not exactly like you...

#1006 Ja-dou

Ashray is the son of the Flame Emperor, small for his age, and cursed with a fiery temper. He also has to hide the fact that he has a horn, a trait usually associated with demons. His father keeps appointing assistants to keep an eye on him, but keeping up with Ashray is hard work, and the first six have died in the line of duty. Can Alan Seoul, his newly appointed seventh assistant, last a little longer than the first six? Teiou is a prince of the eastern kingdom of air. His best friend and...
Jadou Tenmou Yatan

#1032 Jadou Tenmou Yatan

Teio is the celestial son of King Soryuu (the Emperor of Thunder), whose mission is to hunt and kill demons in the human world. He works for and respects his father's will … until he meets the handsome and entrancingly-frail Keika, a beautiful demon with "faintly-colored violet skin, white hair, and violet eyes." For our young Lord Teio, it is love at first sight. Instead of killing his enemy, he decides to bring the beautiful evil up to heaven with him. What will happen between the...
Japan Tengu Party Illustrated

#1344 Japan Tengu Party Illustrated

Jigoku Meguri

#1109 Jigoku Meguri

Takimura has a very unusual job: he's one of Hell's authorised personnel - and he's still alive! He's also attracted the attention of none other than the King of Hell himself, Enma, who greets Takimura every workday with the question, "Have you decided to become mine...

#682 Kain

Alternative: カイン,
Author/Artist(s): UCHIMIZU Tooru
Kain is a story about a blue-eyed boy wandering the countryside. He happens to be in a town controlled by "kidoushi." These kidoushi are people from the newborn country of Ren, who have a machine in their body, giving them power equal to an army. The power of the kidoushi is determined by the amount of gigai (the machine) taken up in their...