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Doujinshi Manga

Sensei wa Dummy

#3739 Sensei wa Dummy

Yunogi has no working experience, but after being tricked into thinking he got a normal job out of luck, it turns out it's not so normal after all. Yunogi has to act as horror writer Kirino Shuusuke's dummy (i.e.,...
Grandia: 4-Koma Manga Gekijou

#1972 Grandia: 4-Koma Manga Gekijou

A collection of 4koma manga strips based on the GameArts RPG...
Sono Mama de

#1927 Sono Mama de

Tsuji is trying to come to terms with his new, more intimate relationship with Aizawa. Tsuji and Aizawa have been friends since high school, and Tsuji is wondering if being lovers will jeopardize their friendship. And if it's even worth taking a chance. A great bedroom line - "Bring it on." and a hilarious extra where Tsuji worries about Aizawa's...
Flight Highschool

#1853 Flight Highschool

Alternative: 飛行高校,
Author/Artist(s): Anyan
Flight Highschool is a series of pixiv comics created by anyan . It features anthropomorphized modern military aircraft living daily lives in high...
Bokura no Hentai

#1835 Bokura no Hentai

Three boys in junior-high who cross-dress because of differing reasons meet each other through a cross-dressing community website, and decide to meet up in real life. "Parou" started cross-dressing because he wanted to attract a heterosexual boy he liked. "Marika" is transgendered and identifies as female. Lastly, "Yui" is an antagonistic boy who adopted the persona of his older sister after her death. In contrast to Parou and Marika, Yui is sorely disappointed at the...

#1461 Gemsilica

A psychotic gay cannibalistic vampire murderer in love and with moon issues. Did you really expect anything else from Kaori Yuki? This doujin is one of her earliest...
Gokujou Dessert

#1344 Gokujou Dessert

Author/Artist(s): OGAWA Chise