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Doujinshi Manga

Armored Highschool

#134 Armored Highschool

Alternative: 기갑고등학교,
Author/Artist(s): Anyan
Features anthropomorphized modern military armored fighting vehicles, ranging from tanks to self propelled guns, living daily lives in...
Pokemmo - The Webcomic

#282 Pokemmo - The Webcomic

Author/Artist(s): Zero-I
These scenes are based out of real events that were taken during their game...
Henshin Kareshi

#462 Henshin Kareshi

Author/Artist(s): Shouge
My boyfriend transformed into...
Kouhaku Kokushoku

#634 Kouhaku Kokushoku

Author/Artist(s): Yappyfire
Notes: Names will differ from...