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Doujinshi Manga

Armored Highschool

#134 Armored Highschool

Alternative: 기갑고등학교,
Author/Artist(s): Anyan
Features anthropomorphized modern military armored fighting vehicles, ranging from tanks to self propelled guns, living daily lives in...
Bleach - Hello, MrGH

#466 Bleach - Hello, MrGH

Author/Artist(s): Asou Mitsuaki
Pairings: Ichigo x Ishida x...
Bokura no Hentai

#1835 Bokura no Hentai

Three boys in junior-high who cross-dress because of differing reasons meet each other through a cross-dressing community website, and decide to meet up in real life. "Parou" started cross-dressing because he wanted to attract a heterosexual boy he liked. "Marika" is transgendered and identifies as female. Lastly, "Yui" is an antagonistic boy who adopted the persona of his older sister after her death. In contrast to Parou and Marika, Yui is sorely disappointed at the...

#411 ECO

Author/Artist(s): Hato Rami
A boy receives a mini ecosystem for his 12th birthday, and is moved to another planet, just like the mini ecosystem for his 13th, where he is to live alone. The year after, after living alone for a year, he receives a strange...