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Doujinshi Manga Page 2

Fate/Stay Night dj: T-Moon Complex S

#394 Fate/Stay Night dj: T-Moon Complex S

Author/Artist(s): Crazy Clover Club
A doujin with bunch of short stories on Fate characters aswell as...

#411 ECO

Author/Artist(s): Hato Rami
A boy receives a mini ecosystem for his 12th birthday, and is moved to another planet, just like the mini ecosystem for his 13th, where he is to live alone. The year after, after living alone for a year, he receives a strange...
Healing Elegy

#75 Healing Elegy

Stuck by a disease that’s slowly eating him away, Ryou yearns to be free from the cage, to breath in fresh air on his own. His doctor tries to relief him of his pain while searching for a cure to the disease. Healing Elegy’s a bittersweet story focusing on the interaction between doctor and...
Bleach - Hello, MrGH

#466 Bleach - Hello, MrGH

Author/Artist(s): Asou Mitsuaki
Pairings: Ichigo x Ishida x...

#1461 Gemsilica

A psychotic gay cannibalistic vampire murderer in love and with moon issues. Did you really expect anything else from Kaori Yuki? This doujin is one of her earliest...
Grandia: 4-Koma Manga Gekijou

#1972 Grandia: 4-Koma Manga Gekijou

A collection of 4koma manga strips based on the GameArts RPG...