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Comedy Manga Page 10

Mahou Shoujo Pretty Bell

#609 Mahou Shoujo Pretty Bell

Magical rod "ryin rod" has been awakened. When the compatible user "magical girl pretty bell" appears, it always says that the world will be at risk. Milk and Cocoa are angels who protect the rod and support magical girl pretty bell, They have come to the town where a compatible user, Misaki Eri lives, while being attacked by an enermy. However the rod didn't point to Eri but pointed to a body building neighbor, Takada Atsushi. why did the rod pick Atsushi instead of Eri? and why there are two...
Daitai Konna n de?

#2 Daitai Konna n de?

Honori joined the suspicious-fun club, the "Substitute Club", which substitutes for people and does their work for them. The members of this handy-man type club are very free-willed and loyal to their...
One Summer's Kids Game

#118 One Summer's Kids Game

Author/Artist(s): Akamatsu Ken
Hito Natsu no Kids Game (ひと夏のKIDSゲー� Hito Natsu no KIDS Gēmu?) is a short, debut manga work by Ken Akamatsu, the creator of Love Hina. The manga was published on September issue of Kodansha’s Magazine Fresh on September 10, 1993. Ken Akamatsu later received Kodansha’s "Freshman Manga Award" (Japanese: 新人漫画賞/少年マガジン新人賞) and Special Jury Award (Japanese: 審査員特別賞) for this work.The manga was re-published on 20 May...
Little Monk

#167 Little Monk

The demon king has awaken after his 500 years long slumber and he tries to destroy mankind. Now a little monk has to travel to look for 12 warriers with powers of the 12 chinese signs to fight...
Car Graffiti JK

#100 Car Graffiti JK

After a bike accident lands her in the hospital for a month, it seems that Miki's high school debut has ended before it could even begin. With no other clubs to turn to, Miki and her best friend Haruka are invited to Risa's club room. However, they didn't anticipate the...
Arad's Merry Band of Friends

#111 Arad's Merry Band of Friends

Author/Artist(s): Unknown
4-Koma based on the popular game Dungeon Fighter...
Yuri na Watashi to Akuma na Kanojo (?)

#126 Yuri na Watashi to Akuma na Kanojo (?)

As a child, Yashiro Nonoyama developed an intense fear of men due to boys constantly bullying her. Now in high school, she dreams of being reunited with her first love: a girl who protected her one day from her bullies. Yashiro is in disbelief when a transfer student named Mikoto Saionji arrives who looks a lot like her first love, but she later discovers that Mikoto is actually a guy, and that he was her first love. Yashiro learns that Mikoto is rapidly turning into a girl, and the only way to...