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Action Manga

Zero no Shiniki

#1 Zero no Shiniki

Karasumi Rei is an avid gamer, but one day he hit rock-bottom due to his debts. During the night while sleeping, a strange phenomenon happened and sent him inside the game he previously played. A world of life and death...
Ana no Mujina

#1 Ana no Mujina

Alternative: アナノムジナ,
Author/Artist(s): AMANO Youichi
When, High school Student Sataki Tadashi, was young he received the ability to deceive people from a "Mujina". Since then, He has continued to live as a "Con-Artist". 3 years later, with the recommendation of the Kaminayama police, He puts those abilities to use for the sake of punishing "Evil that can't be judged with...
Ni Ming Shi

#1 Ni Ming Shi

A blind person known as Ni Ming Shi was ambushed by Imperial Guards while traveling through the Bamboo Forest. While they almost managed to fool the Imperial Guards their identity was unfortunately exposed by the commander. Now with their life on the line, what kind of fate awaits Ni Ming...
Aldnoah.Zero Anthology 2

#1 Aldnoah.Zero Anthology 2

Author/Artist(s): Various

#1 Karasu

Author/Artist(s): Fakehero
After two years of fruitless job-searching, Karasu's savings were running dry. With barely enough money to last him the month, he needed a job. Soon. As he was reaching his wit's end, Karasu received a job offer from a suspicious old man. That marked the beginning of his introduction to the supernatural...


Author/Artist(s): RAYGUN
For thou to stand at the top and seize both keys, become The...
Five Star Monogatari

#1 Five Star Monogatari

There is an English version of the manga available, published by Toyspress, a company co-founded by the author. Each volume of the English version contained approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of the equivalent Japanese volumes. To date, 26 volumes of the English version have been produced, covering Japanese Vol 1 through 10. Vol 11 and 12 have yet to be translated and the status of future English versions is...
Nibelung no Yubiwa

#1 Nibelung no Yubiwa

The series was first serialized from 1990 to 1991 in Chuukosha Fan, a used car magazine (!). A sequel was published for free directly on Shinchousha's webpage from 1997 to 2000, making it probably the first online...
Bounty Hunterz

#1 Bounty Hunterz

Author/Artist(s): Aziz Can Binen
The Song of the Beast

#1 The Song of the Beast

Alternative: 야수의 노래,
Author/Artist(s): Yoon, Ri-kun
An oriental fantasy manhwa that spans between Earth and the Underworld, using re-interpreted Korean myths and...