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Action Manga Page 5

Shirogane no Ou

#882 Shirogane no Ou

But eventually, the bodyguard begins to realize that there is a reason behind the King's arrogant demeanour - one which he becomes determined to find out. Still... how can he protect a man who doesn't want to be...
Shiroi Gekkou

#2256 Shiroi Gekkou

Shiroi Gekkou is a simple boy who grew up in the mountains. He travels to the city with the duty to protect Hikaru from perverted, twisted guys who all try to do the same thing - get into Hikaru's panties. Then again, Shiroi wants to,...
Shirokuro Kitan

#2239 Shirokuro Kitan

Ririko lost her parents and siblings in a mysterious incident where details remain in the shadows. Before Ririko moves to her new home in Kaminoshiro, a detective gives her a letter that her father wrote before his death, which contained a card with a black and white checkered pattern on it. At her new school, Ririko becomes friends with Maya and has some interest in a male student named Shirou. She questions about the black clock tower that stands in the center of the town, but no one bothers...
Shirotae no Kimi, Hanagasumi

#923 Shirotae no Kimi, Hanagasumi

Alternative: 白妙の君、花霞,
Author/Artist(s): MITSUMIYA Sanaha
Miki and her follower, Saaya, have a forbidden owner and servant love. They both have a lily tattooed on their chest and promised to live as owner and servant. Their love is a taboo,...
Shitsuji de Maid na Otokonoko

#2992 Shitsuji de Maid na Otokonoko

A bodyguard, in an effort to protect his rich mistress, has to dress up as a maid and act as a female to protect his boss from all potential harm. Many things will occur to harm his master, but he will always protect her even if he loses his life. His master, on other than, has a secret of his...

#1803 Shitsurakuen

Himoto Sora is a transfer student with a sense of justice and dreams of becoming a knight. Upon arriving at Utopia Gakuen, she learns of a virtual reality-like game played by the male students in which they use girls as weapons in battles for status and treat them as commodities. Seeing one of these girls being abused she steps in and though some sort of error unwittingly becomes the first female participant of the...
Shoku King

#908 Shoku King

A while ago, an amazing chef was sent packing for a mistake that he didn't commit. He promptly left the cooking world to the underground. Today, still shunned by the establishment, he survives as soldier of fortune. If you have a bad restaurant, if no one else can help, and if you can find him, maybe you can hire: THE Shoku...
Shokushu Hime

#2114 Shokushu Hime

Author/Artist(s): Kuroha
...so Allemande, the Second Princess of the kingdom, has been tasked with keeping the peace. In addition to her impressive skill with the sword, she can also use her talking teddybear partner Maro to summon her own Phantom Beasts when things get too...
Shonan Bakusozoku

#652 Shonan Bakusozoku

Alternative: 湘南爆走族,
Author/Artist(s): YOSHIDA Satoshi
Genres: Action, Shounen
Meet Eguchi Yoosuke, leader of a high-school Biker Gang AND the school's handicrafts club. Which means he divides his time between fist fights and fancy needlework. And if you think he's weird, wait until you meet the rest of his...
Shook Up!

#570 Shook Up!

Alternative: ショックアップ!,
Author/Artist(s): Hiroe Rei
An unknown girl has moved into a supposedly "haunted house" in a seemingly normal neighborhood. However, the girl and her "father" turn out to be Americans escaping from the government and settling in Japan to avoid being detected by the CIA and the US...