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Mai the Psychic Girl

#625 Mai the Psychic Girl

Mai is silly, giggly, and flirtatious - just like any other cute fourteen-year-old girl. As far as Mai is concerned, her telekinetic abilities are just good for practical jokes. But when the secret organization known as the Wisdom Alliance tries to exploit her as a weapon to enslave the world, her father puts his life on the line to protect her. And Mai soon learns the hard way that her powers are no joke, but capable of unbelievable, deadly...

#1142 Mai-HiME

Yuuichi Tate is overjoyed: He gets to go to a brand new high school. Of course, then he just happens to find out the school he choose is under frequent attack by strange creatures called ''Orphans'', and the school set up a special task force of female members called ''HiME''s, using various elements as their powers, to battle these invaders. That's not all, though. Each member of the HiME task force has their own, unique ''Key'', another person whom, upon being discovered, can team up with the...

#1899 Najica

Najica is a skilled perfumer for CRI Cosmetics, but her talents include more than creating sweet fragrances. She is actually a special operative for the secret intelligence agency behind CRI. Armed with an arsenal and an android sidekick, Najica is on a recovery assignment with no end in...
Nante Zurui Otoko

#928 Nante Zurui Otoko

A girl bumps into a classmate and finds out his secret... He's a shoujo...
Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge

#458 Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge

Prev: (From SCX-Scans) Eri Yukizaki is a girl who fights. She is a "pretty soldier." Her foe is the evil Chainsaw-man, who doesn't die even after being slashed. If he isn't defeated, the world will have no future. "I was wrapped into this battle, and my life has changed completely..." A "non-stop" negative youth story with many...

#1728 Offered

Alternative: オファード,
Author/Artist(s): Koike Kazuo

#320 Oni-Gokko

Turns out Kirin and her brother Koryu are...
Onikiri Jyuzo

#2127 Onikiri Jyuzo

After being sealed in a sword for 800 years, the master of all demons is released, and taking the body of a human to reek havoc on the world again. Jyuzo must now retrieve that body, which is that of his own brother, and stop the demon's...

#2551 .hack//Link

The story takes place in the year 2020, just three years after the events of .hack//G.U.. The story will take place not only in the new version of "The World" known as "The World R:X" but in the real world as well. The lead character is a middle school student named Tokio Kuryuu. He lives a normal life as a gamer until a mysterious girl named Ayaka Amagi transfers to his...