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Psychological Manga

Ayeshah’s Secret

#1 Ayeshah’s Secret

Alternative: 艾莎的森林,
Author/Artist(s): Zhang Jing
All buried deep within Ayeshah?s Forest, shrouded in...

#1 Weirdo

Alternative: 异人, The Weirdo,
Author/Artist(s): Mi Er
The grave of Zhang Chunan's long-dead grandfather was desecrated by a group of mysterious people, but his grandfather's corpse wasn't the only thing they dug up. Secrets and mysteries surrounding the Zhang family began to surface, and Zhang Chunan is apparently more than just an ordinary college student desperate to be rid of his...
Goodbye, Everybody

#1 Goodbye, Everybody

A woman gets fired from her job after refusing to go on a date with her...
Ppalgan Chaek

#121 Ppalgan Chaek

Alternative: 빨간책, The Red Book,
Author/Artist(s): Rangddo
The more you think about it, the scarier it gets. This is about things that are everywhere and...
Shikou Shounen

#93 Shikou Shounen

Alternative: 思考少年, Thought Boy,
Author/Artist(s): Fujiwara Kaoru
A series of loosely-connected vignettes, each lead to the next by a stray thought. A young hit-man chased from his home; a dropped key to a bloody room; a meat-locker to hide a corpse; the watchful eyes of crows; a criminal?s chance at salvation; the sight of music in the air. Where will this story take you, and in what place will it...
Toumei Ningen no Tsukurikata

#213 Toumei Ningen no Tsukurikata

What follows is an encounter that threatens to tear him away from Sodegi Kana, a girl who reciprocates his feelings for her. It is this meeting with another girl, who shares a deep, yet unknown connection with Shinji, that beckons in his inevitable transformation into one of the "invisible people"...
The Negatibrain

#125 The Negatibrain

Alternative: ネガチブレイン,
Author/Artist(s): The Negatibrain
Yumewo is such a negative pessimist that his power to see the future in his dreams only lets him see bad things that will happen to him. In a world where nothing goes right for him, can Yumewo remake himself to become a more positive...

#191 Funouhan

At a certain park, there is a mysterious man, who has red eyes and a black suit, that people can go to and request him to kill someone. His assassinations can never be blamed on him because he takes no illegal action. His strength is in the power of suggestion and the arrangement of events. He accepts these requests, all the while privately mocking the foolishness of those whose unwise wishes he grants....