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Onegai Twins

#482 Onegai Twins

Onegai Twins! is the sequel spin-off to Onegai...
Onmyou Taisenki

#235 Onmyou Taisenki

The problems start when Mahoroba escapes, gains power, and transforms Monju into stone. Yakumo is called by a Zero Drive, which was one of the treasures of the temple. This Zero Drive handles Byakko no Kogenta. The story of the manga is about Yakumo's first steps with a Shikigami, training with Idzuna (Taihaku Temple's shrine maiden) and seeking Mahoroba through various Japanese historical dates. Famous Japanese historical characters such as Oda Nobunaga can be seen on the...
Phantom Dream

#1107 Phantom Dream

Tamaki Otoya is the last in a line of ancient summoners tasked to battle evil forces that threaten mankind. Burdened by his duty as a summoner, Tamaki has always found strength from his childhood friend, Asahi, with whom he has a deep, emotional bond. So when Asahi's friend is found out to be possessed by a demon, he awakens--as the one destined to exorcise demons out of tortured human...

#732 Paradistar

Penguin Brothers

#2042 Penguin Brothers

Hina moves back to her old home town only to find that the high school is run by two opposing factions, and students identify themselves based on the color of their school uniforms: Black for the followers of the ostentatious, violent Nishizaki, and white for the followers of the misanthropic, clean-freak Isshiki. And, as if it wasn't complicated enough, there are the "grays," who wear their own clothing, deciding to be their own people. Hina finds herself stuck between the leaders of the two...

#410 Peppermint

For Haei, being able to go to school with her idol, Ijy, is a dream come true! Plus she gets to help him with rehearsing. But with the girls from his fan club, who make her life hell on earth. But then Eo, a kid in primary school, wants her to pretend to be his girlfriend, making it easier for him to get away from his groupies. Haei's life isn't done being...
Perfect Couple

#1494 Perfect Couple

Alternative: 철썩궁합, Perfect Match,
Author/Artist(s): Yeo Ho Kyoung
This is where their quarrels...

#101 Peshi

Alternative: ぺし, Pessi,
Author/Artist(s): FUROMAE Ari
A lighthearted comedy involving elementary school...
Peter Pan Syndrome

#692 Peter Pan Syndrome

Twelve-year-old junior high school girl Hasumi Kohaku moved into town in search of her mother. She is gifted with ESP and the ability to fly-- well, only when the sun is down. Otherwise the sun could make her power fade away. Kohaku soon uses her powers in front of her classmates, in order to save her friend Yuuro from falling out a window... but during the...